Candy Warehouse review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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Candy Warehouse review 

Now I know today is Halloween and it wasn't by accident I posted a candy review :).  Candy is a trademark of so many holidays!  Boxes of chocolate on Valentines day, Chocolate and other goodies in Easter Baskets, handing candy out for Trick Or Treat, candy-canes for Christmas and lets not forget all the other occasion where candy shows up!
Wedding favors, birthday party goodie bags/pinatas and so many more!
It is safe to say candy does play quite the role in our lives.  

Sometimes you have a favorite and you just can't seem to find anywhere or everyone in your family wants different things and you don't feel like going to 10 different stores to find them.
I found a one stop online shop that is sure to have something for everyone!  

The Candy Warehouse
They pride ourselves on their huge selection and excellent customer service. Since 1998,  they have strictly upheld a tradition of candy excellence! Did you have a favorite candy when you were a kid? Do you have kids of your own who like unusual or hard-to-find confections? Chances are, you can find everything you need at the Candy Warehouse. From nostalgic to new, minty to sour, tiny to giant-sized, liquid to chunky, lavender to silver, hard to chewy, gourmet to gummy boogers and so much more!

They have it all, I love that you can buy in bulk at a great price!

I was able to review:
Christmas Jooblers Candy Crumble Melts: 160-Piece Tub 

You simply pop one into your mouth to be greeted with the refreshing, sweet taste of key lime!
My hubby loved them and kept eating them, after a day or so I didn't like the Key Lime flavor so much!  Which was fine by my hubby, just meant more for him.
 This is a melt-a-way candy, each bite delivers a soft and satisfying crumble, sure to fill you with glee and make your cheeks as rosy as Santa’s.

You can suck on it until it melts away or because it is so soft you can also chewy on it :)

This is just one of the Candies offered at the Candy Warehouse.  To see all the other items offered see the link below: