Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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This Holiday season Educational Insights is offering so many fun, imaginative toys for little ones!  They believe learning through play, so not only are their toys super fun, but they are also educational.

Whether it be learning to count, discover, science, colors or so much more.

I was able to review 2 items with them:

Educational Insights Dino Construction Company "Wrecker" The T-Rex Skid Loader

This fierce, prehistoric powerhouse is totally kid-powered and ready to demolish anything a child can imagine! Wrecker is the leader of the pack and rolls up onto the scene with dino track treads that leave footprints in sand or dirt. From the playroom floor to the beach, our green machine from the past can turn even a pile of blocks into a kid-powered construction project. Made to last, Wrecker has no electronic parts and is free of metal pieces. Water, wind, sand, and snow cant get in the way of this dinosaurs chomping, movable jaw or swinging tail. Wreckers hardware-inspired arms loom down over imaginary cities or outdoor puddles as kids push this dino across anything in its path. Get ready for hours of imaginary play when Wrecker hits the construction site! Totally kid-powered, with no batteries required. No metal parts Large, movable jaw and gleaming white teeth Segmented, swinging tail moves in many directions Built kid-tough and designed to last for years Grades Pre-K+

What I love:
There is no metal!  My kids like to be outside year round and a lot of their favorite toys follow them there.  I hate when we have to throw out a beloved toy because it started to rust where the metal got wet.  Since the T-Rex has no metal we will never had to worry about this!

Also it takes no batteries, so all the sounds and motions will be 100% my kiddos imagination.  I love that it really promotes imaginative play.

I also really liked the size, I thought for sure it was going to be on the smaller side, but this T-Rex is big and the perfect size for little kids who are playing with him in the sand (That is where my kids have him)

Speaking of sand I love that his tracks leave real tracks!  It looks like a T-Rex was plowing through our sandbox.

A lot of pieces move around such as his head and tail.  My kids really liked this and it really promoted them to use their imagination.

The toy is really durable and I can tell it is going to be with us for a long time.
My kids spent hours playing his him!

Next I was able to review:

Design & Drill Socket to Me 

Little contractors create their own robot, race car, boat and rocket designs using rugged bolts and a working socket wrench with real ratchet sound and action. Nicely merging early construction with creative play, this Design & Drill set becomes a perfect pretend play set once children have finished their designs. Plus, the bolts are removable for new creative designs to be developed again and again.

What I love.

The colors!  My kiddo struggles with color so it was nice to tell him find me the blue robot, or tell him to pick me out all the red screws.  So huge plus for helping him with his colors.  Also I liked it helped with hand eye coordination.  

Easy to use:
My little guy had to put a little effort into getting the screws in, but that just added to the fun.  He felt as if he was using a real screw driver set!

Even though it is made of plastic it is still really durable.  I don't have to worry about it breaking or cracking.  My 3 year old has dropped it so many times and it is still in one piece!

No batteries needed!
Come holiday season I go through so many batteries.  It is nice to have a toy that doesn't require them, but is still super fun :)

With the set working like a real drill socket, my little guy had so much fun pretending to be a carpenter.  
Overall both toys get a huge thumbs up!   Not only for being fun, but also for being educational.