Etching Expressions

Disclaimer:  I was given product in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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Special Occasions are hard to shop for and even tougher when you have someone who already has everything.
I have several family member who I can never figure out what to get, I normally end up giving a gift card.  I mean what do you really get your uncle who only likes motorcycles and cars??  I can't buy him a Harley and I'm pretty sure give him a matchbox would be rude lol

A few years ago I found a great company that makes tough shopping a thing of the past.  They offer a product that everyone is sure to love:
Etching Expressions 
They specialize in Etched wine bottle gifts and more! Not only do they etch the bottle, but they will also personalize it for you!! How cool would that be to get a personalized bottle of wine! Every bottle is hand crafted by a skilled artisan! And they can personal it for you with words and photos.

You can order in bulk too, so if you want to give these out as a wedding favor you can easily order in bulk.  And you get a bulk discount.
They have 3-5 turnaround and they ship nationwide!

As I mentioned before I have tried Etching Expressions before and I am always amazed with the design.

My nanny does a secret Santa at her house for the holidays.  We are 40+ now all squeezing into her little house.  Getting 40+ gifts would let us all broke.  So we each pick a name from the hat and that is who we buy for.
Except the kiddos there is only 7 (including my 2) so we all get them each something little :)

With this secret Santa in mind I reached out to Etching Expression to see if they would like to be in my gift guide.
When they said yes I was so excited I was told to pick a holiday design and which type of wine I wanted:
 La Terre Cabernet, La Terre Merlot, La Terre Chardonnay, or Woodbridge Champagne

I picked the La Terra Chardonnay with Holiday tree swirl design.

I had my bottle say
"Happy Holidays 
from the Miller Family"

I am not worried about which name I pull this year, because it is a perfect gift for anyone!  Aunt, Uncle, brother, sister, grandparents, parents, cousin, ANYONE!  Who wouldn't want a cute personalize Etched wine??

Also always the design and wording are perfect.  I can tell someone put a lot of time into getting it just right.

These personalized bottles are perfect for an occasions and are sure to be a one of kind gift.
To learn more or see their other great designs please see my link below: