ICU eyewear

Disclaimer:  I was given product in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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I wear glasses!  Not all the time, but for reading I need them.  I have some sort of condition where my left eye doesn't focus.  Basically my pupil takes a bit longer to function than most people.  For the most part it is fine, night time driving is horrible when I forget my glasses when I get high beamed it takes me several minutes before I can see right.

The thing about my glasses is I hate wearing them.  I don't even wear my wedding band because I cant stand having stuff on.  Having to push up glasses and readjust them all the time drives me nuts.  I would just throw them in my purse, but at $600 there is no way I putting them in the bag of doom.

When ICU eye-wear agreed to work with on review reading glasses I was so excited!!  
Now I would have a pair of glasses I could put into my bag or laptop case, without having to wear them the entire day.

Let me tell you a bit more about the company:
They offer fun stylish reading glasses that range from 1.25-3 magnification level.  They also offer Sunglasses and reading sunglasses for men and women.
They are offered at an affordable price and they have so many designs and patterns that everyone is sure to find something they love.

I personally was able to review 2 eyeglasses and 1 pair of sunglasses:

I was most excited about the Red Lifted Oval face, but when they arrived I ADORED the Plaid ones most :).

My review:
The reading glasses both came with a case.  As I mentioned earlier I want to put them in my purse so I was happy to see the case.  This will help prevent scratches. 

I loved that they fit my face perfectly and weren't sliding off my nose or pinching it.

And they were perfect for reading!  My hubby and I went to a restaurant and I purposely left my prescription glasses at home.  My hubby warned me that he was not going to read the menu to me.  We sat down and I pulled out my glasses and got really excited when I realize I could see everything!  I didn't have to squint and my faulty eyes adjusted nicely to the reading magnification! 

I checked out the site and realized these are 2 of so many choices and they have glasses for men and women.

The reading glasses are made of Poly Carbon and the Sunglasses are made of Plastic.

My hubby keeps asking to borrow mine, so I plan to get him manlier pair for Christmas!  I think they are going to make a great stocking stuffer :)

As I mentioned the 3 items I reviewed are only 3 of many to see all the great styles please click my link below: