InnoTab® MAX, VTech review and giveaway

Disclosure:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review, all opinions are my own.  VTech provided me with a sample and information for this post
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InnoTab MAX, VTech review and giveaway

I think it is safe to say technology is here to stay.  I am always impressed when Brandon jr gets on the computer and automatically places his fingers on home-row!  At his age my family didn't even have a computer and the few times we used them in school I was the one finger typer lol

VTech has a large range of products that not only are fun for kids, but are also educational.  I love that they are up-to-date with whats in and popular.  No matter what age my kiddos are there is always a VTech product that is perfect for them.  Which brings me to today's review;
The InnoTab Max by VTech!
The tablet is built to grow with young minds.  With Android learning content, the InnoTab max expertly combines VTech’s expert-supported library of cartridges and apps with carefully selected educational Android apps.
Now not only do kids get the best of VTech, but they also have the top selection of Android apps!  Offering them the best of both learning worlds and the widest selection of curricula to provide a top class children’s tablet. 

At this point in time I was already sold!  Every VTech product we have ever owned was not only fun, but so educational.  The added fun of having Android apps made the InnoTab Max a must have, but I did want to read more and find out everything I could.

VTech’s 4th generation kids’ learning tablet features its fastest processor yet with up to six times the processing power of previous generation and a 7” high-resolution multi-touch screen display.

 InnoTab MAX features an enhanced 2nd generation version of Premium VTech Kid Connect™, at no additional charge, allowing children and parents to exchange voice and text messages, photos, drawings and fun stickers in real time between the tablet and a smartphone 

InnoTab MAX offers the best of both learning worlds with access to more than 650 educator-endorsed, age and stage appropriate learning titles as well as carefully cultivated educational Android apps that can be purchased and downloaded through VTech’s Learning Lodge® app store 

The tablet comes with 15 onboard apps including Premium VTech® Kid Connect, My Magic Beanstalk, Movie Maker, Art Studio, Wonder Cam Max, E-Reader with Story Dictionary and more

 InnoTab MAX also comes with one free Toca Boca app and two additional free apps that can be downloaded from the Learning Lodge 

Other InnoTab MAX features include a built-in rechargeable Lithium battery and kid-safe Wi-Fi so kids can explore appropriate online games, videos and websites that have been pre-selected by VTech 

Parental controls allow parents to manage their child’s apps, web access and tablet time, as well as view a progress log

And if you don't want to take my word for it look what VTech platform learning expert panelist, Dr. Eric Klopfer has to say in these 2 videos:

My personal review:
The first thing I noticed was the outside of course.  It has a handle which makes it easy for little hands to carry around.  It also has a flip & fold stand feature which was nice for playing at the kitchen table, and finally the cover was removable.  Giving it a more grown up feel that my 6 year old LOVED.
I liked that the cover wasn't easy to remove though, I had to take it off for them.  Which is fine by me, knowing my kids they would take it off and lose it!

After a super quick set up and some easy downloading (Which with 2 little boys demanding to play I really appreciated the fact I was able to set it up easily), but after it was set up we began to explore all the apps.
And all I can say is WOW!  There is so many things to do with the InnoTab Max, that we were there for a long time looking and doing all the fun things.  Each software includes a recommend age and grade range.  Which was nice that way I could tell what would be peferct for my 3 year old and what would be great for my 6 year old.  With over 650+ cartridges and possible downloads you will be able to find something to match each child's unique needs.
The software starts at age 2 and goes all the way up to 9.  Age 2 starts with basics like numbers, creativity, letter matching and community.  Where as age 9 has reading, spatial sense, logic and subtraction.  With lots of good stuff in-between for all the other ages.
You can have up to 4 kids profiles, which is nice since my oldest doesn't want my youngest messing with his stuff.  And with 8 GB of storage (Can be expanded to 40) there was more than enough room for all of their apps.
After looking at the learning apps and other software my kiddos and I decided to check out the InnoTab Max's other features/apps.  It has a wonder cam Max, Movie Maker, E-Reader with Story Dictionary, family bulletin, My magic Beanstalk Game, Art Studio, games, a clock, calculator, calendar, a my wishes area, music and even a notes area. 
Oh and it comes with a stylus!  No little finger smudges all over the place!!

The Camera is pretty awesome!  With a 180 rotations and the ability to show pictures and videos on our TV we had a blast with this.  The photo quality was okay, my kids had more fun taking the photos then then actually worrying about what the looked like.

Oh and the InnoTab Max is also WiFi certified!  And has a kids safe web browser.  
Kids can send and receive voice messages, photos, drawings and more to and from iPhone and Android smartphones.
I don't have an iPhone or smartphone yet (Demanding for Christmas), but we can't wait to try this feature.

The InnoTab Max is easy to use.  My kiddos were able to use it and play by themselves for hours without my help.  
The apps are intriguing, which was nice it held their attention and they were able to learn as they played.
The battery life held up really nice, it came with a usb cord and power adapter.  So even when it does die I can easily charge it back up.

The InnoTab Max has it all and any kiddos is sure to love finding this under the Christmas Tree this year!

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