Kids Preferred Review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Welcome to another fun post in my Holiday gift guide :).  To learn more or see all the other amazing products being featured please click my photo above.

Kids Preferred Review 

Kids Preferred is dedicated to creating superior quality, innovative soft toys and gifts for children of all ages using unique, playful designs that help instill a love of learning and create everlasting childhood memories.

It can be tough to find top quality toys.  Over the past few year I have had my fair share and horrible toys.  Poor Quinn last year begged for a Scooby Doo Monster House and every-time he plays with it the thing comes apart!  As a mom it makes me mad, not only because I wasted my money, but because it let my little guy down.

This year when putting together my gift guide, I promised myself to only reach out to top quality companies.  And Kids Preferred happens to be at the top of the list.
For those of you who are not sure who Kids Preferred I can name of few of the brands they are associated with.
Disney Baby
The Gruffalo
The world of Eric Carle 
And so many more.

I was impressed by the list, because these are all companies I have trusted for years!

I was able to review a few items and each one was just as impressive as the last:

Buildex: Challenging and engaging construction kits that don't require glue, and range in difficulty level from ages 4-12. Perfect for the aspiring engineer!
Umm no glue!!  Yes please lol, as much as I love doing arts and crafts with my kids  I have to admit I would prefer to skip the glue.  Brandon jr can handle it, but Quinn is at that age if his brother does it he can too... And well he just can't.
I loved how easily the pieces fit together, there was no shoving or twisting.  They just easily slid together.  Making it fun for both my boys!
Brandon used this with his action figures and made them race around the house!
And I love that it can be found on Amazon!
Kids Preferred Buildex Speed Machines Road Glider Chopper Bike

Mickey and Minnie Holiday Plush

The soft, sweet friends that every child loves... Now ready for the holidays!  Okay how cute are these!  My kids love Mickey and Minnie and these cuties are dressed and ready for the holiday season.  I wont fibbed I tried to bargain with my little guys to let me keep them for decorating, but I got a NOOOO 
I love that they not only look cute, but are made of super soft cuddly material.
Both are available on Amazon!
Kids Preferred Disney Baby: Mickey Mouse Holiday Plush
Kids Preferred Disney Baby: Minnie Mouse Holiday Plush

Last but not least I was also able to review 
Eric Carle "Little Musician" Tambourine & Maracas: Very Hungry Caterpillar creator Eric Carle is helping kids get in touch with their musical side with these fun and colorful instruments.  My kids love the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  My oldest can read the book and actually got it last year for Christmas.  When they seen the cute Tambourine and Maracas they instantly asked me to get their book.  And now whenever they "Caterpillar" eats something they shake their fun new instruments.  They have definitely enhanced story time in my house.

Also available on amazon

The items I was able to review are only a few offered by Kids Preferred!  I was looking online and found their toys in almost every major shop! Walmart, Amazon, Toys R Us and so many more.

Their products are top of the line and I still can't get over how soft the Mickey and Minnie plushes are!  These are just a few of the many items offered by Kids Preferred, their toys are sure to be loved by all ages!

To learn more about this great company and see their other great products please see my link below: