Led Zeppelin Tickets.com review

Disclosure:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review, all opinions are my own.
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Led Zeppelin Tickets.com review

My husband and aunt are huge Led Zeppelin fans.  I always have to giggle when my aunt informs my husband she was a fan before he was even born!
Now I myself don't know much about Led Zeppelin, yes I like his music.... But I don't know much of his history.  When I told my aunt I would have the chance to review Led Zeppelin memorabilia she was beyond excited.  When I explained I may need her and my hubby's help since I didn't know much about Zeppelin she got real quite...  I said hello thinking I lost the line and she than asked in all earnest "Is there something wrong with you that you don't know much about Zeppelin?"
LOL So when I tell you my aunt is a fan, I really and truly mean she is a fan!!

About the company:

Metro Pulse, Inc.'s website, www.LedZeppelinTickets.com, is where Led Zeppelin fans from across the world can buy a framed or shrink-wrapped original Led Zeppelin memorabilia ticket from the November 1980 concert scheduled at the iconic Chicago Stadium before the drummer, John Bonham, died of an alcohol overdose on the VERY DAY the tickets were to be processed mail order only on September 25th 1980. 
These authentic, limited edition tickets are a unique Chicago Rock n Roll collectible and a wonderful accent for any home or office of a true Led Zeppelin fan. 

 The tickets are available at several price points to fit any budget and represent the last link to the ORIGINAL band as the LAST show they would ever put on sale to the public. A true Rock n Roll investment backed with impeccable provenance that is posted on the site. 

These are one of kind and when they are gone they are gone!  How many people can truly say they own a 1980 fully intact Led Zeppelin ticket?!?!

Not only does the site offer single tickets, but they also offer 
Chicago Tribune/Stadium Ad Poster, Stadium Letter, 2012 Main Floor 4-Ticket Set, 30 Year Anniversary - Single Ticket Edition, Japanese Edition - 1994 Japanese Issue, 20 Years Gone - Single Ticket and 20 Years Gone - Main Floor 4-Ticket Set!

Now they wanted me to see how authentic they were and to enjoy my very own Led Zeppelin memorabilia! 

 So they sent me a numbered & hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity and a 20th Anniversary single ticket.  

 I was also sent a Single Ticket - Mezzanine.

The day the ticket arrived my aunt came over to look at them.  I could tell it meant a lot to her to hold a piece of Led Zeppelin history and after given my hubby a dirty look she asked...  So who are you going to give it to?
I said I dunno I guess we will have to wait until Christmas and see :3!

My hubby already knows I plan to give it to my aunt.

Both items were in perfect condition and I can tell who ever handle them before me put a lot of care into making sure they were handled properly.

As I said before these are one of a kind, once these tickets are gone they are gone.  If you are a Led Zeppelin fan or know a Zeppelin fan these are the perfect gifts come this Holiday Season :)
They could be hung in a home, office, ANYWHERE! 
If you wish to learn more please see my link below: