MineCraft Construction Handbook

Disclosure:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review, all opinions are my own.
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Minecraft: Construction Handbook

Brandon Jr is really into Minecraft.  He likes being able to make his own world and having the ability to get creative.  Through trial and error he has learned a lot, but he still gets stuck.  A few months ago my hubby got him the Minecraft: Combat Handbook.  Brandon read it from front to back (which by the way this mama was pretty impressed) he then took his new learned skills and used them in the game.  I think its cute when he sits down to play and has his little book with him for reference.  The book really helped to enhance his game play, plus now according to him he has bragging right on the bus lol.

When I seen Scholastic was releasing Minecraft Construction Handbook I knew I just had to get it for him!

About the book:
There's nothing that can't be built in Minecraft, but  with so many possibilities, where do you start?
The official Minecraft Construction Handbook is packed with tips an step by step instructions.  From master building team FyreUK.

You will learn how to construction houses, bridges, ships, floating islands and even a roller coaster that will be the envy of all other players!

My review:
Just like the first book it provides step-by-step instructions.  It starts by showing you what material you will need to build a certain structure.  In some structures it even breaks down certain elements, like in the garden it shows you how to make the trapdoor and what you need to do it.  A small element in a much bigger structure. 
Tips are also given, in Dwarven city there is a hall built for the Dwarfs.  I wont fib its pretty impressive, but at the bottom of the page it offers the tip to add the lava last.  I thought that was neat, that way you don't ruin your creation by adding it first or in the middle.

The photos are including for each creation talked about in the book.  I was actually really impressed with the details and how thought out the designs are.  I think this book will be enjoyed and benefited by both beginners and long time players.

It covers everything from buildings, walls, gardens, ships, roller coasters, trap doors, towers, islands, bridges and so much more!

The book is 80 pages and hardcover.  This is the perfect gift for any Minecraft player it is guaranteed to improve their game play and make their building possibilities endless  :).

After just a few pages my son is now building bigger and better things.  Not only is he coping things from the book, but it inspired him to do even more. 

If you wish to learn more or purchase for yourself please see my link below: