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Disclosure:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review, all opinions are my own.
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It is no small secret that I love to read.  My shelves are filled with everything from classic, historical, contemporary, paranormal, poetry, sci-fi and everything in-between.

If my family didn't need me to do every day things (like clean, cook, laundry and all the other fun tasks I do) I would be content to lock myself in my room and read from the moment I wake up until  I go to bed...

When I found the shop Out Of Print Clothing I literally fell in love!  My brother has his sport jerseys, my sister has her band shirts and now I finally have a shop that sells clothing I can fall in love with!
Out of Print Clothing products feature iconic and often out of print book covers. Some are classics, some are just curious enough to make great t-shirts, but all are awe inspiring works of art.

Each shirt is made to feel worn in, I love on their site how they say "Each product is treated to feel soft and worn like a well-read book."
As someone whom has many worn, dogged eared, broken from being open so many time spines I had to smile at this.  My books are "ruined" they are worn :)

So I went to their site and was impressed with how many iconic book "shirts" they had.
And I want to mention they have tees, long sleeves, tote bags, jewelry and so much more. 

I choose to review a long sleeve shirt, winter is coming (And yes every-time I write that one of my favorite books "Game of Thrones" pops into my mind lol) and I wanted to be able to wear my new shirt right away.

It took me awhile, but I limited it down to 2 
The Raven Edgar Allen Poe shirt or the Alice in Wonderland shirt.  After a great self debate I choose the Poe shirt!!!

I have always loved reading Poe's work and The Raven is tied for my favorite.  If pushed for a favorite I would have to say the Tell Tale Heart.

My review: So when buying clothing I always want to check for a few things.
Comfort, sizing, durability and of course style.

Lets cover comfort first, as I mentioned they make these to feel worn and that they do.  The first time I put it on it felt like a beloved well worn favorite shirt!  It is super soft, no annoying tag and the stitching is perfect!  No annoying inner stitch rubbing. 

Next is sizing The Raven Poe shirt is unisex meaning sized for men and women.  If you are a woman order your normal size, it is recommended men go a size up.
I ordered my regular size and it fit perfectly.  So Out of Print Clothing gets another huge thumbs up.

Durability even though its made to look worn the shirt was not.  I can tell I will have this shirt for a very long time, they use a really nice fabric that looks as if it can hold up. 

Last, but not least is style.  Out of Print Clothing are perfect tee shirts and long sleeve causal wear.  I love the style and have worn it not only around the house, but also to the mall, park, taking my little guy to school and many other places.  I would call it a universal shirt that is made to be worn anywhere....  Well okay maybe not the prom, but you know what I mean.

As if I wasn't already impressed beyond impressed with this store, I read on their site for every shirt bought they donate a book to a community in need. 

I grew up with unlimited access to books, I've read since I was little and for a little girl with not a lot of friends books became a huge part of my life.
It broke my heart to realize not everyone has this type of access, that books to some are rare and not an everyday part of life.

The fact Out of Print Clothing is doing this takes them from being a great store, to be an extraordinary store.
Not only are they giving book lovers a product they will love, but they are also making it possible for other to fall in love with classic and iconic books.

This company is on my Gift Guide list, because anyone whom has ever picked up a book is sure to fall in love with their products.
And I myself have added the Alice in Wonderland shirt to my Christmas wish list this year :)

To learn more please click my link below:
Out Of Print Clothing