Sauté Express Seasoned Meal Starter House Party

Disclaimer:  I am a member of House Party, being a member sometimes allows me to host parties and promote items!  I am not paid to host these parties.

Sauté Express Seasoned Meal Starter House Party

Summer has ended and so have warm days (YAY, I love winter!!), the only thing I miss about summer is inviting my family over and having outdoor meals.
For this party I got super lucky and we had a warm weekend.  So I dragged out my already put away lawn furniture and invited everyone over for a day of yummy food and parting! 

We had 2 coupons to get 2 free Saute Express Season Meal starers.  My hubby choose one and I choose one.

Sauté Express Seasoned Meal Starter combines a variety of herbs and spices with butter and olive oil to cook and flavor your favorite meat, vegetables, and more. With Sauté Express Seasoned Meal Starter, you can unwrap endless possibilities with every meal! Find them near the butter in your grocer’s dairy aisle.

So to the dairy aisle we went, each with a coupon and recipe booklet in hand.  I did find them at Walmart right next to the butter :)
  He of course picked teriyaki once he seen the shrimp recipe!

I on the other hand couldn't pick!  They all looked so yummy and after a great debate I decided to make pulled chicken sandwiches.  I had the recipe for pulled pork, Not a fan of pork so I substituted chicken.  For this recipe I used Garlic and Herb recipe starter.

After some battling over the side burner on our grill, my hubby and I both cooked our meals.  We presented them to our guest and every one was really impressed with the flavors!!

Making meals can get tough, when you don't know how much to add of a certain ingredient.  It was nice to have these all perfectly measured out.  And they were so easy to use simply place then in the pan you are cooking in.
1 goes a long way, I made 5 pounds of chicken with mine.

The 2 flavors my hubby and I choose are only 2 of many!  To see all the other great flavors see my link below: