Scala Collezione review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own,

Scala Collezione

I live in PA and I am sure anyone else that lives in PA can agree we have gotten our fair share of rain this past month.  My kiddos loved it since we had a man sized muddle puddle at the bus stop. 
I don't mind the rain, if anything it is the perfect excuse for me to stay indoors and read.  There are those days though when I do need to go out.
I bundle my kids in all their rain gear, but I am forced to face the elements with only an umbrella!  And we all know just how much fun they can be on a windy rain day.
Well no more, thanks to you Scala Collezione I know have a stylish rain-hat!  Perfect for keeping my hair dry and rain drop free :)

Scala Collezione Rainhats Look So Good, Consumers Can Now Enjoy Wet Weather Scala Collezione is one of Dorfman Pacific headwear company's best selling brands. Consumers seek this popular label because they know that its designs and value, as well as quality is always reliable and stylish. Fashion and function merge into one within this collection . 

There are hats for women , hats for men and hats for teens. 

I was able to review one of their top sellers!
 It is available in fashion and classic colors (including black, charcoal, wine and khaki).   It has a 3 inch brim to help keep rain off your hair and face and is made of nylon, which means quick drying when it gets wet.

 In a one size fits all size, it is perfect for self or gift purchases. As the season changes and wet weather approaches there is good news. Women can still look stylish and avoid bad hair days by donning this hat. No matter what city one lives in, there is rain everywhere and wet, inclement why not embrace it and enjoy a Scala Collezione hat.

My review
Since PA has so much rain I was able to test this hat out the day it arrived!  
I gave it 3 tests; style, protection and hair damage.

First lets talk about style from the photo at the top of the post you can see it is very stylish.  Where once women had very little rain gear option they now have a super cute hat that protects and looks.  I choose to review in black since that will match everything I have.  

Speaking of protecting that was test number 2!  My hair stayed perfectly dry and thanks to the brim so did my face!  I loved that it fit nicely and didn't rub my forehead in anyway.  So it passed the 2nd test.

Now the last test was the hair test.  I like my hair dry, but I also don't want it all frizzy and looking crazy after I remove my hat.
After wearing the hat for awhile I got home took it off and.....  MY HAIR LOOKED FINE :).
No frizzy s (Or as my hubby likes to call it my lion mane lol),  I simply took my hands smoothed my hair down and it look normal.

The hat passed all 3 tests without flaw!
It is nice to have a hat that not only protects, but looks good. 

If you wish to learn more or purchase for yourself please see my link below: