Sports Chocolate Review

Disclosure:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review, all opinions are my own.
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Sports Chocolate Review 

Everyone is my family is a football fan.  My hubby, my kiddos and myself look forward to Sunday every week.  Now there is sometimes yelling going on, we are split down the middle on favorite teams.
 Quinn and I are Colts fans :)
My hubby likes Dallas and Brandon Jr does too.
I like to tease my hubby about our fantasy football teams.  I have Luck and he has Romo, needless to say my FF team is doing a lot better than his.

Even though we have our silly rival and like to tease each other it is all done in fun.  The truth is we look forward to Sundays sitting down as a family and watch the games together.  

When putting together my gift guide I knew I had to include something with football.  And of course I wanted something unique.

So to the internet I went searching for unique football gifts and I just happened to stumble upon Sports Chocolate.

Hmmm sports and Chocolate together??  Sounds like a heavenly mixture :)

Then I clicked their site and found their Chocolate Arenas!

Mini arena replicas made of chocolate!  Now I personally chose to review the Football Arena, but they have many others soccer, basketball, golf and so much more.

The Replica Chocolate Stadiums are shaped like a real stadium, with the field design inside.  To see the awesome filed design,  you simply remove the lid... Which is made of chocolate.

  Each come with foil wrapped footballs and everything is placed in a super cute tin. 

 All together it is a 1 pound of chocolate. 
Oh and speaking of chocolate this smelled so yummy!  I didn't want to eat it because of how cool it looked, but in the end I couldn't resist.  It tasted as yummy as it smelled.  I love the rich melt in your mouth milk chocolate taste.  We ate it during a football game of course and there was even some left over.  

 This Chocolate Stadium is 100% USA Made!
When you order you get a bonus gift of a free bag of G&B organic chocolate.

As I mentioned before the football stadium is only one of the stadium offers.  And the stadium is only one of the products offered. Sports Chocolate also sells casino chocolate items, glass jars filled with chocolate and bamboo canisters filled with chocolate.

To learn more or see everything they offer please click my link below
Sports Chocolate
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