The Handy Box Review

Disclosure:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review, all opinions are my own.
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The Handy Box Review

Men are tough to shop for!  I know they think us women are, but it truth its them!  lol Every year I ask my hubby what he wants for Christmas and he tells me it doesn't matter... UMmm well that really helps!  So again I put together a few ideas and show them to him and ask what he thinks, "Sure hun that is fine."  Again I'm left stumped if he really likes it or not.
This year I decided to let the experts handle his gifts, wondering what I mean?
Monthly subscription boxes, I figure these people are experts.  They obviously run a company that each month puts together boxes that people love.

So to google I went (Just so everyone knows I wouldn't survive without google!!)   

So there are a few things I know my hubby likes candy, beef jerky, clothing, sports, tools and TV.

I was looking around trying to find the perfect box for each.  I wont fib I thought for Tools wouldn't find anything.

Then I stumbled across The Handy Box!
About The Handy Box: 
 The Handy Box is the first monthly subscription box designed for handy men and women, DIY, and those who enjoy projects around the home. 
 Each month, The Handy Box delivers useful tools and gadgets to help you complete projects of any size, whether you’re hanging a picture or renovating the bathroom. Please note that The Handy Box is not targeted at professional/experienced contractors or handy-persons and is designed for beginner-intermediate level people who are building their confidence with tools as well those who are building a simple home-use collection of tools and gadgets.

The Handy Box delivers a monthly box filled with the handiest tools and gadgets – from basic tools that everyone should have to useful gadgets that are just plain cool and handy. The Handy Box will contain 4-6 different items each month, with a total retail value of $40 or more. 
 How it Works: 
 Step 1: To join The Handy Box and to start receiving The Handy Box every month, pick the plan that works for you. Choose 3 or 6 month subscriptions and save every month. Your subscription will automatically renew to ensure you never miss The Handy Box. You can cancel at any time by logging into your account.

 Step 2: The Handy Box team will scour the market and work with our brand partners to bring you only the handiest items in every box.  Time and thought goes into the selection making sure the only include the handest products. 

 Step 3: They ship your Handy Box right to your door. Then, you do the rest – open The Handy Box to discover new handy products ever month. 

To get that months box you must place your order before the 10th.  Any orders placed after the 10th will receive the following month box and the box will ship in the following month.

So as you can see it is super easy to sign up.  When my box arrived I was so excited.  You see my husband is well, how to put this nicely, he doesn't pick up his toys!  We never have tools in the house because he forgets them outside, when we redid our bathroom he left a box of screws in the wall.. You read that right he put up a new wall and forgot the box of screw behind it. 
The man is good at fixing stuff, he just isn't good at keeping his tools, well keeping his tool handy lol

I knew this box would be perfect for him.  Why you may ask? 
If I buy him something he knows to take care of it, because I will ask over and over again where something is :3.
Also because of his constant losing of tools we are getting quite low on them.

So I opened my box before my hubby even got home, I couldn't wait!
I was pretty impressed with the amount of stuff inside.

First up was the 41 pieces 3.6V foldable Cordless Screwdriver kit

* 3.6V
* No-Load speed 250 RPM
* Max Torque 1.5nm
* 29 screwdriver bits, 1 bit holder, 8 sockets, 1 socket adapter 1 UL/CUL adapter
*Blow mold case

I love that it has so many bits!  I feel like I never have the right size with 29 to choose from I am always sure to find the one I need.  The power is just right for the things I need to do around the house

2nd in my box was the 10" adjustable rapid wrench

* Precision machined jaws
* installs or removes square or hex nuts and bolts
* Ergonomically designed

My hubby is always asking for a wrench when working on his car, we can never find one so he always has to borrow one from my dad.  So I knew this was something he really needed!

Next up was the 20" drain clog remover.  

Simply insert in the the grain to remove the most stubborn clogs!  With 20" you can get pretty deep.  I kept this one for myself, my hubby is always yelling that my hair is ruining the bathroom sink.

Last was the Multi-purpose pocket tool!  

It the tool that does it all, 2 flat head and 2 Phillips head screwdriver bits, a built in level, pocket clip and a white led flash light.
I love that it is small enough to store anywhere!

Retail value for all the items in the box is, 59.47!  Well worth the monthly cost.  And it is filled with things I will use, I plan to use every single item in the box nothing will go to waste.

As I mentioned before it is perfect for work around the house, DIY projects and just every day tasks.

To learn more about The Handy Box please see my link below: