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Seasonal Fun from Hit Nick Jr. TV Series Comes Home for the Holidays in Newest Release from Anchor Bay Entertainment – October 14, 2014 
 Preschoolers and families nationwide are in store for the most “tick tocktastic” season yet when “Christmas Present Time,” the latest title in the hit Tickety Toc DVD series from Anchor Bay Entertainment, lands under the tree! 
 In “Christmas Present Time”  it’s Christmas time in Tickety Town and Tommy and Tallulah are determined to make every merry second count! This all-new collection of seasonal adventures – including the Christmas Present Time extended special – brings viewers along as the twins find a new way to make snow, build a giant igloo, roll the biggest snowball ever and even help Santa fix his sleigh in time for Christmas Eve. But when their zany escapades get out of hand, the twins look to their friends, McCoggins, Pufferty, Madame Au Lait and Tooteroo, to help them make things right!
 Episodes include: 
· Christmas Present Time
 · Winter Time 
 · Snow Time 
 · Igloo Time 
 · Leaf Sweeping Time
 DVD Bonus Features: 
· Coloring Pages 

 The all-new “Christmas Present Time” DVD is the gift that keeps on giving for young fans; families who purchase the new title can receive a free Tickety Toc book, “Welcome to Tickety Town,” from Scholastic! And to help spread even more Tickety Toc cheer this season, Anchor Bay Entertainment is partnering with Pik-Nik for a delicious national cross-promotion. Beginning in October, more than 100,000 Pik-Nik French Fried Onion canisters will include an on-pack call-out promoting “Christmas Present Time” and a special mail-in-rebate offer. 
Release Date: October 14, 2014             
Genre: Children’s, TV on DVD
Run Time: 68 minutes
Year:    2014

If you are a fan of my blog then you know my Quinn LOVES Tickety Toc. For those of you who never seen Ticket Toc its a super cute kids TV show! With lots of lovable characters and fun plot lines for little ones. My little guy can be heard yelling "Chime Time" through out the house when his Tickety Toc is on :)
Best of all the show supports friendship and working together.  2 great values to teach to kids.

I thing I love most though is when they mess up or need to fix a promblem...  I know some of you are thinking well why would that be your favorite part?!?!  Because while I think its important to teach kids friendship and working together, I also think teaching them no one is perfect and we all mess up is just as important.  The cast of Tickety Toc prove time and time again that small promblems are easily fixed.