Bil-Jac Hosts Pet Obesity Awareness Campaign

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post to promote this campaign.  I was not paid in anyway to write this post.

Bil-Jac Hosts Pet Obesity Awareness Campaign

In October, Bil-Jac, a family owned company since 1947, that are passionate about creating premium dog food, celebrated the month of October by encouraging consumers to enter the Bil-Jac Obesity Month contest. 
Even though it is now to late to enter I still wanted to take the chance to promote the Campaign, because health dogs are important!  I have 3 of my own fur babies and make sure that they are eating right.
Bil-Jac goes above and beyond to make this happen!  Wondering how?
When you give your pet the Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food you will start to notice a few things.  The first is his fur!  You pups coat will be shiny, lustrous, and full. Because he/she is eating healthier, not only will their fur be shinier/healthier your pet will also have softer skin, brighter eyes, increased activity and improved muscle tone!!
All of this is letting you know that your pup is getting all the vital nutrients he/she needs. 

Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food is unique and better than the rest, because they understand dogs. 

Your dog is a carnivore, one look at their teeth should more than prove that!
 That's why Bil-Jac provides MORE real chicken protein in pups diet than any other dry dog food.  You would be surprise at the garbage other companies put in place of REAL meat.

They start off giving 100% from the beginning, by using the highest quality and quantity of real chicken and real chicken organ meat, which they get from local chicken processors that make the real chicken for your dinner table.  So your pup really and truly is going to be eating just as good as you!
 Providing you pup with the vitamins Omega-3 and Omega-6 they need.
They have a really unique processing, that allows no fat to be added  They never use grain gluten meals or grain protein concentrates as a source of protein in their formulas.

Not only do they offer pet food, but also treats!
Everything you need to keep your pet healthy and happy!
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