Color by Amber review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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Color by Amber review

I don't wear a lot of jewelry.  One reason is I'm not overly found of having stuff tight to my skin.  It drives me nuts when a bracelet or necklace keeps rubbing against me.  If something is comfortable and light I can wear it though :)   

I also can never seem to find stuff I like.  I am not into traditional diamonds and gold.  I like wearing unique jewelry that compliments what I am wearing instead of blending in or being obnoxious.

Recently I came across the site Color By Amber.  I instantly fell in love with most of the jewelry and the prices!  I wont fib when it comes to shopping for myself I like to save and not spend to much.
Plus it is all handmade right here in the USA.  Since it is chemical inert it wont react with sunscreen or anything else.  It feels nice on your skin since it is not heavy.
And if you want to save money you can sign up to be a stylist! 
I talked a bit more with one of the stylist I will copy and paste what she had to say about the company:

~*~Color by Amber has been in the USA for over a year now, 8 week ago they Launched in Puerto Rico, and 6 weeks ago Canada. Now I am a True Canadian Gal at heart . I found out about Color by Amber by shear coincidence , on Twitter. 
I decided to look into the company and the products a little bit more because it did peek my curiosity quite a bit. From what I learned in just a day while looking at the online website, and facebook fanpage I feel in love with the stories behind each and every piece of Jewelry that is made. I truly have found my passion, as this is a perfect fit for me.
 I get a TON of support through my upline along with Online Marketing support through our weekly webinars from Head office. I do also do alot of 1-1 support with anyone on my team. In 2 weeks I was able to Hit Senior Stylist Status and this month Im already up to Director. :) In Feb we are off to MIAMI and I so can't wait I'm already 50% there within 6 weeks time?! Amazing eh?~*~

I myself was pretty impressed with how easily she moved up!  And it seems like Color By Amber has an amazing support system to help its stylist.

This particular stylist left me pick an item from her site to review.  And I couldn't wait.  I choose at least 10 and then limited it down to my 3 favorite after getting my sister's opinion I choose the opposite of what she picked :).
In the end I picked a piece I absolutely adore!


Every girl loves to get dressed up sometimes. No matter what your personal style is, our Glam line has the perfect pieces for you to get yourself all gussied up for that special occasion.

• Interlayer: silver whisp

• Finding: Silver-plated brass chain and clasp

• Size: 28 in adj

My review:
You can see just how pretty it is!  The length and weight were perfect.  Most of the time I couldn't even tell I was wearing it since it was so light weight.  My skin had no reactions thanks to all the care that went into making this.  Also I like that it compliments so many of my outfits!  It is very versatile, I can use it when dressing up or on a casual day.

This is only one of the many items offered by Color By Amber.
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