Comfort Revolution’s Cool Case review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Comfort Revolution’s Cool Case review

I have a favorite pillow, it is my contour memory foam pillow.  It is the perfect height for my neck and I have myself convinced it was made for me and me alone.
The only issue is, it gets hot!!  After a few hours I become overheated and since it is a contoured pillow I can flip it over and use the other "cooler" side. 

I needed an alternative and fast!  I love my favorite pillow, but I don't want to be all sweaty and gross every night.

That is when I found Comfort Revolutions's Cool Case
I get to keep my favorite pillow and now have the cool comfort.

More info:

The Hydraluxe Cool Case by Comfort Revolution is a pillowcase with built-in cooling gel technology that adds soothing comfort to any pillow. The gel lining zips in and out for easy cleaning of the outer cover.  Available in standard, queen and king sizes. 

Cooling Comfort. Hydraluxe gel technology keeps you cooler longer.

Refreshing gel.  Converts any pillow into a refreshing gel cooling pillow.

Breathable mesh cover with elegant trim. Supple, super-soft and machine washable.

Affordable comfort. Standard size pillowcase: $19.99. Queen size: $29.99. King size: $39.99.

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The advanced gel technology stays cool to the touch to aid in total muscle relaxation.  A revolution in cool, our Hydraluxe gel sleeps cooler, so you fall asleep faster and wake refreshed.

Okay so right away I loved how sturdy it felt.  Nothing flimsy that I would have to worry about tearing.  The case has 2 covers one that zips over the gel and another one on the end to zip up after you put your pillow inside.  The fact I can remove the gel was great for when I need to clean it.

A mesh front easily allowed the gel coolness to come through.

It will fit any pillow type in their size for example.  The standard will not only fit a regular cotton pillow, but it also fit my contour pillow perfectly.

The site did mention at first the gel would have a slight odor.  It wasn't to bad though and faded away after a bit.

I was sent a standard size 

The cool cases are only one of the items offered!!  They also have covers that will fit the entire bed.

The cool case takes your already favorite pillow and makes it better!  
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