Disney Poster-A-Page series review

Disclosure:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review, all opinions are my own.
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Disney Poster-A-Page series review

Growing up I remember a certain level of coolness coming from what you had hanging on your walls.  At a young age I had wall to wall of Lisa Frank posters.  As I became older it turned into Boy Bands and thumb-tacked photos of my friends and as an adult I have family photos, beloved art and the occasional quote.

About a year ago my oldest told me it was time to take his birth announcement, newborn footprints and baby photo off his bedroom wall.
In complete stunned horror I asked "WHY"
"Mom I am not a baby anymore it is time for grown up things!"
Me with a little tear in my eye asked "Does this mean Pooh Bear has to come down too?"
Devilish smile "He is already gone."  At which point in time I go into his room and see his Pooh Bear laying lifeless on the bed!  I remember being 6 months along with a big belly and hanging him up.

With a sad defeated smile I went around his room and removed all his baby items and stuck them in a box.  I was sad, but at the same time I knew it was time.  So with a small box of memories in my hand I asked him "What adult things do you want on your wall buddy?"
"I am thinking super heroes and maybe a shelf to put my sport medals...  Oh and I seen a dragon poster at Walmart I want."

So slowly but surly we have been putting his personal touch on the walls.  
It has been a lot easier with Disney Poster-A-Page series!  When I was contacted they told me they have several different Poster-A-Page books!
Star Wars
Marvel Avengers Assemble 
Disney Jr Lets Play
and so many more!

I of course with the demand of Super Heroes choose to review 
MARVEL Poster-A-Page: Avengers Assemble in Action, they bring to life the most powerful superhero team in the world! Including Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and the Black Widow, this book has all of the favorite Marvel characters showing off their skills and fearlessness.  With nine supersize pullout posters, fans will be able to pull apart this book and decorate with posters of the their favorite super heroes! Perfect for kids 4-12, the books are available now online and wherever books are sold!

My review:
They were easily enough to remove from the book that Brandon was able to do it himself.  The posters are on really durable paper so I don't need to worry about them tearing.  The colors are print and the actions prints are awesome!
Not only does it have 9 super size posters, but every page is also a poster.  I loved that there was so many pages, my kids were able to share them and both decorated their side of the room.

They are fun and any Marvel fan is going to love them!
To learn more see my link below:
Marvel Avengers Assemble in Action Poster-A-Page book

And remember this book is just one of many to choose from :)  They even have a Princess books for little girls