Every Man Jack

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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Every year for Christmas I get my hubby grooming products.  I will be honest I am the one buying his products year round.  When we first moved in together he held out his shampoo bottle to me one day and said "It's empty."  I raise my eyebrow at him and said
"Then buy a new one and next time put it on the shopping list when you are getting low...."
He then looked insulted and told me that his mom made sure that whenever he was getting low to buy him a new one so he didn't run out...

After laughing hysterically for a few minutes I told my hubby that I will start to check his bottles for him and get him new stuff when he needs it.  I then mumbled if he needs me to pick out his clothing for work I can do that too.
Joking aside my hubby does just let things run out and than becomes bewildered that he is out. 
So I have taking it upon myself to every few weeks grab his bottles and see just how low he is.  
Yes I feel silly, but I have learned that if I buy these things for him I get to decided what he smells like :)!

A few weeks ago I was thinking about the grooming products I was going to get him for Christmas when I came across the Every Man Jack site!

I had to check them out, and here is what I found out.
EVERY MAN JACK makes high-quality, affordable grooming products just for guys. No harsh chemicals. No unbelievable promises. Just naturally derived products that get the job done.
So far it sounds pretty good, I thought well I bet that have some nice shower gels and maybe even shampoo.
And yes they did have those things, but they also had so much more!  Everything a man could possible needs to stay well groomed!

Shampoo & Conditioner
Hair Styling products

body wash
body bars
cleanse and hydrate  
skin clearer
sun protection
age defying 

post shave
premium shave

They also offer travel sizes and even kits!

I am sure you can see they have it all!!  Everything a man could possible need.
So I was already impressed with all the product choices, but Every Man Jack wasn't done impressing me quite yet.  After I clicked the Body Wash area I was surprised to see they even offer several different scents!
And all the scents are manly:
signature mint

And this was just the body wash.  When I clicked the shampoo link I see they have different scents, but also different features they had a daily and a thickening formula.

Okay now that I told you about all the amazing things they offer lets talk more about the items I was able to review :)

For the hair I was able to review:

Coconut-derived surfactants clean hair while glycerin and shea butter condition and soften. Soy proteins fortify hair from root to end. Leaves hair stronger, thicker, and fuller. Ideal for daily use.
My hubby loved the scent (Which was tea tree) he also liked the fact it lathered up really nicely.  After his shower he told me that his hair felt really clean and refreshed.

Next from the hairline we were able to try 2-in-1 daily shampoo + conditioner 

Coconut-derived surfactants clean hair from root to end while glycerin and shea butter condition and soften. Leaves hair stronger, softer, and healthier. Ideal for daily use.
This one was citrus scent and again worked really well and smelled great.
I liked that even hours after my hubby used both products I could still smell them. Not on over powering smell, but a nice subtle smell.

Next up I was able to review 2 body washes
Cedarwood and Citrus.

Refreshing, hydrating body wash nourishes and protects your skin. It cleans deeply to remove your body’s dirt and grime, but is never drying.
They both again smelled great and left my hubby feeling clean and refreshed.
I wanted to mention now just how amazing Every Man Jack's prices are!  Both these bottles are 16.9 FL OZ and they only cost $6 as the woman who has bought her hubby's shower gel/body wash for the past 7 years I can tell you that this is a great deal!

Next up we were scent 2 deodorants again in the cedarwood and citrus scent.

I liked getting that same scent that way my hubby really smelled good after using both products.

Clinically tested antiperspirant and naturally derived deodorant provide long lasting odor protection leaving you feeling fresh and clean.
My hubby who sometimes breaks out from deodorant wasn't sure at first if he wanted to use it.  I talked him into it and he was happy I did.  He didn't irritate his skin at all and is thinking about switching over to this brand exclusively!  I asked what his favorite scent was and he told me it just depends what mood he is in that day (LOL yes the man is that difficult!)

Last and surely not least we were sent 4 shaving products!  We were scent fragrance free.

Face scrub and pre-shave

Deep clean to remove dirt and oil with this effective, yet gentle scrub.  Lather a small amount of face scrub in your palm. Gently massage into wet face. Rinse completely. Use every other day for best results.

Shaving Cream

Get a comfortable shave with this rich, low-foam formula that softens and preps your skin and beard.

Shave Gel

Get a smooth, close shave with this rich, gel formula that protects sensitive skin.

Face lotion and post-shave

Hydrate and heal with this light, non-greasy formula that's ideal for dry or razor irritated skin.

Again the items I reviewed are only several of many!  And the scents are only a few of the choices!  If you wish to see everything Every Man Jack offers please see my link below: