goDog BedZzz review

Disclosure:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review, all opinions are my own.
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 goDog BedZzz review

I love my pups, really I do.  I consider them members of my family whom need to be taken care of and given the best of everything.
I watch what they eat, and read labels likes crazy to make sure I don't give them anything harmful.
I check all their toys and make sure they don't have any parts that can come off and get stuck in their throats.  I even go as far as to get them winter attire so they aren't cold in the snow when we go out to play.
The one thing though my pups and I don't see eye to eye on is pet beds.  In the past several years I have purchased more bed than I care to remember.  Rufus has a bad habit of tearing them apart.  He either can't get comfy or he just likes to make my eye twitch.
My poor girls love their beds and they get so upset whenever he ruins them.
I needed to find a better alternative and something that could last without this little brute being able to ruin it.
And I think I found it with goDog BedZzz
goDog BedZzz are made to stand up to tough love! These SOFT and DURABLE beds are made with Chew Guard Technology, a proprietary process that adds a tear-resistant mesh lining to make them tougher. goDog BedZzz are so sure that these BedZzz will stand up to your pup that they GUARANTEE them! 
 goDog BedZzz are GUARANTEED to last longer than standard soft plush beds or they will give you a free one-time replacement! Guarantee valid for 30 days from purchase date. 

Okay so that all sounds good, but I needed to give them the test.  I pulled out the bed and was instantly wowed.  They were soft, like baby blanket soft!
After a pointed look at Rufus I cleaned up their old beds (Which were little more than rags and fluff mess) and stuck down the new beds.  I gave him another pointed look and let him know that I was watching him.
The little devils eyes lit up as he ran over and instantly began to dig.  When that didn't work he picked up the corner and began to shake his head from side to side....  Again if failed :3
After a few more days of Rufus's roughness the goDog BedZzz proved to be able to withhold anything he did.
With a grunt of acceptance Rufus decided to give up hope and just use it as a bed lol.

He now uses his mouth to take his bed from room to room.  Making Lucy and Emma share the other one.

goDog BedZzz comes in several sizes and colors.  So you are sure to find whichever one meets you and your pets needs.
I can safely say the can hold up against rough pets!
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