Haute Decor review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
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 Haute Decor review

We love to decorate for the holiday.  My kiddos and I make an entire day out of it!  With decorations, hot chocolate, holiday movies, holiday cookies, laughing and so much more.  We always look forward to it and this year we are adding even more decorations to the fun!

Haute Decor is offers beautiful, quality items for the home that are sure to wow anyone this holiday season!
They sent me a few items and I want to tell you a bit about each.

First I was sent Stocking Scrolls they are lightweight stocking hangers.  That are not only convenient because of their weight, but they are also an attractive way to hang your stockings on the mantle during the holiday season. They feature invisible pads to protect your mantle surface and a silver scroll design, which I love we got a new shelf where I am hanging them and the last thing I wanted was scratches and dents!

You can see from the photo that they are stylish and will match any stocking.  They add that perfect touch to any mantle, shelf or wherever else you plan to hang them.  I plan to put lighted holiday garland behind them.
I want to mention a mantle is idea for these since the hook that holds the stocking needs to rest against something as seen in the photo above.

Next I was able to review items from the HangRight line.  These are items that make our stocking stay facing the right way!  No more unflattering twisting :)
HangRight stockings haven a Polyester lining that was updated and improved for 2014 new foam liner hangs stockings straighter.  The patent-pending adjustable loop allows you to hang the stocking in any direction you want. No more frustrations with the stockings hanging in different directions! Loop turns 360 degrees to adjust stocking any direction 

They are a traditional red stocking with white trim and made with quality plush material.
Also I was sent 4 HangRight adjusters that help aid in the proper hanging :).  Right now you can get 25% off until November 25 on the HangRight Adjusters!
Use coupon code RSZ8JIJX 
Oh and they come in 4 color options - Silver, Red, Bronze and Gold.

Last, but not least I was sent the Haute Decor advent calendar.  We all know how these work, starting December first you treat yourself once a day to a chocolate treat to count down until Christmas.
If you have kiddos how love to learn they will love the Haute Decor Christmas around the world Advent Calendar.  Each day they open a new door to learn a new fact about that place behind it.  We didn't open any yet since it is not time to start, but the Calendar is very pretty and I love that it looks like they cover so many areas!!

Facts are located on a map of the world so children can learn geography as well as fun facts about Christmas
Set upright on a table or hang on a wall
High quality paperboard construction - stands roughly 13" tall x 16" wide (when opened)

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All these great items and more can be found at the Haute Decor website here: