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With the bird in the Little Live Pets Bird Cage in the Friendly Frankie style, your child can play with the bird to make it happy and hear it chirp, tweet and sing. When the bird is very happy, it will sing your little one a special tune. He or she can press the button on the bird's chest to record up to 10 seconds of his or her own voice and then the cheeky bird will play it back like a parrot. Your child can watch as it swings on the perch in its portable bird cage home and take it on the go.

I love when the bird repeats what my kiddos say!  Not only does it say it back, but it will also mimic the tone of their voice.  If they use a high pitch voice so does Frankie, if they use a deep voice so does the Little Live Pet.
Makes 30 different playful sounds - tweets, chirps and even whistles popular nursery rhymes!
He responds to kiddos touch and will play them sweet little birdie songs.  And when he is really happy he has a special song he likes to tweet.
The fact he does so many different things and repeats kids makes him perfect for endless play.
The cage comes with a handle so little hand can carry it on the go.  Also the color I was able to review is only 1 of many.  And he fits on your finger!  How cool is it that you can carry your little bird around and show him off to the world.

My only complaint is sometimes you need to record what you are saying more than once.  Some times it doesn't play back well the first time.

I love that it is interactive and creative.  My kids would be silly and ask each other questions and then record their answer so the bird could say it.  Playing is easy and very imaginative, since my kids were pretending it was a real bird.  They took care of him and even went as far as to "feed" him.
I love that my son can have a "bird" without me having the mess!
Oh and yes it does have an Off/On button. Sometimes in the car I like to tell them the bird is taking a nap and turn it off....  

I have a feeling that kids everywhere are going to be requesting Little Live Pets Bird with Cage for Christmas.
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