Love Cooking Company review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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Love Cooking Company review 

As many of you know my nanny was a baker.  She made her living by making cakes.  All sorts of cakes: wedding, birthday, anniversary ect.
As a little girl I remember crowding around her table with my cousins and siblings, waiting for her to start decorating.  We use to all beg to lick the spoon and hope that she messed something up so we can could have the rejects :)
Most of all I remember my nanny and how she would hum and laugh at us and take a small experience and make it something magical.
Because of her I associate cooking/baking with love I try to have my boys with me as often as possible in the kitchen so I can try and create some memories with them.
The Love Cooking Company gets this, they understand making these moments in the kitchen.
So they partnered with Mrs. Fields to bring us products that are not only high quality, but are sure to make a life time of memories with our loved ones.
I was able to choose 3 products for review.  I picked:
Mrs. Fields Cupcake Cone Pan
Mrs. Fields Brookie Pan
Mrs.Fields Half N Half Cupcake/Muffin Pan

Each is unique and unlike anything I have in my kitchen!  I couldn't wait until they arrived so my boys and I could start baking.

Mrs. Fields Cupcake Cone Pan
We made these before we had the pan and sadly didn't have much luck since our cones kept turning over.  The Mrs. Fields Cupcake Cone Pan prevents this from happening by holding the cones up right and making sure you get an even bake.
An ice cream cone cupcake is the perfect easy-to-eat dessert for birthday parties and school events! With the Mrs. Fields Cupcake Cone Pan™, you simply fill a flat-bottomed ice cream cone with your favorite cake batter and slide into the slots on this specially designed pan to bake. Baking these sweet treats has never been easier!
Size: 14.4" x 10.8" x 2.8"
Materials: Carbon Steel w/ Non-Stick Coating
I love that it keeps everything up right and the fact the cones can't move around at all to spill.  And the best part about cupcake cones is there is less mess!  Instead of having crumbs every where they simple stay inside the cone.
Mrs.Fields Half N Half Cupcake/Muffin Pan

Please tell me I am not the only one that has been envious at a party because some one brought half chocolate half vanilla cupcakes.  I could never figure out how they managed to do it!  And after several failed attempts in the kitchen I gave up.... That is until I discovered Mrs. Fields Half N Half Cupcake/Muffin Pan!
Can't decide which flavor to bake? Make them both with Mrs. Fields' Half N Half Cupcake/Muffin Pan! Complete with an easy-to-use-and-clean divider to separate cupcakes into two halves, the Half & Half Cupcake Pan lets users combine strawberry, chocolate, vanilla… and any other delicious flavors your heart (or appetite) desires!
Size: 16" x 10.17" x 1.33"M
Materials: Non-Stick Carbon Steel & Plastic
I was afraid the cupcake would be hard to remove with the divider, but I was wrong they were easy to remove and each cupcake came out perfectly half and half!  So far I only tried half vanilia and half chocolate, but my hubby is begging me to try red velvet and chocolate fudge :)
Last, but not least was the Mrs. Fields Brookie Pan.

I never attempted to make a brookie before, nor have I ever heard of it before.
But when I seen this pan I though wow would could be better than a brownie and cookie together?!?!  My boys had the same idea and insisted we use this pan first.
Perfect for creative cooks that want to deliver a sweet surprise in every bite, Mrs. Fields' Brookie Pan allows users to bake delicious cookies inside of moist brownies. With a durable, non-stick coating, Brookie creations are even protected from falling or pulling apart!.
Size: 15.5" x 9.7" x 1.16"
Materials: Non-Stick Carbon Steel
We LOVE it!  Not only do you get the amazing flavor of yummy most brownie, but now when you bite inside you have a delicious cookie.  Because of the raised platform the cookies stays in the middle and doesn't move to the side or bottom.
I made them by filling the bottom with my brownie batter, then placing my cookie on the raised platform.  Finally I added a bit more brownie mix, not much since I wanted my cookie to still be exposed.
You can use any type of cookie you want! Home made or even store bought.  I can't wait until the next time I make a Blondie brownie I am so adding oreos :)
I am yet to try this, but my hubby keeps telling me to make donuts since the raised middle would be perfect for a donuts hole...  
These are only a few of the items offered by Love Cooking Company!  There are so many more and all of them can be found at these retailers.