Mega Bloks Review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Mega Bloks Review

Mega Bloks has been a beloved brand in my home since 2009.  At the time Brandon jr was 2 and we bought him his first bag of Mega Bloks first builders!  We still have that bag and from time to time him and Quinn will use it to make a fort or a wall in whatever make belief game they are playing.
My favorite memory though is the first, when I dumped out the bag and 2 awestruck blue eyes flew to me is delighted surprise!
We spent hours that day clinking them together and my son got his first love of building.

Mega Bloks didn't stop there though, instead they continued to make great products that grew as my son did!  Each year we would buy him something and each year he adored his new building adventure.  They have something awe-inspiring for each age group and it is a brand that grows with your child.

I was sent 2 items for review and to include in my gift guide.  One that is perfect for Quinn's age group and one that is perfect for Brandon's age group!

Drivers, start your engines! Gear up and get ready for some high-speed adventures with the Fast Tracks Racing Team by Mega Bloks First Builders. Your little race car driver can build with the tracks and blocks and mix and match the race cars for endless play. Use the colorful stickers to create even more imaginary fun. Watch as they screech and vroom through the raceways, and the fans in the stands cheer them on! Who will be in the lead, as the checkered flag is waved?
 Ideal for ages 1 to 5.
 Features: Two mix-and-match build-able cars for lots of raceway fun!
 50 pieces, including new easy-to-build tracks and three building plates
 Fun sticker sheet to customize your little racer’s blocks and cars! Compatible with all Mega Bloks First Builders sets for endless building possibilities and family fun.

So right away I knew Quinn was going to love it!  He, as I mentioned, already has the bag of First Builders bloks.  So he used them to make his raceway bigger!
Next I was impressed how easily it was to mix and match cars!  He loved switching them up and making them look different.
I also loved the fact the cars easily went onto the tracks!  His little fingers were easily able to place the cars on without them falling off!
Quinn who is learning colors kept pointing out which color blok he had and telling me now I am adding the green one!  Or he would say do you think the blue should go here.  He really enjoyed the bright fun colors

The track itself is endless play since you can switch it up as many times as you want.

Quinn is going to be 4 on 11/22 and The First Builders Fast Tracks Raceway was definitely the perfect age group for him :)

Next up was Brandon Jr who just turned 7 on 11/1.  He was able to review one of the Mega Bloks Hot Wheels items!  Not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but he adores Hot Wheels!

He personally was able to review Super Blitzen Monster Truck!

 So um not only did they get a huge thumbs up for sending a Hot Wheels, but my little guy was also gushing over the fact it was a Monster Truck!  (My hubby takes him to the shows and anytime we see a big truck my son always informs me Gravedigger is totally bigger!" lol
The biggest stunts call for the biggest machines – build and set up Team Yellow’s next insane stunt with the Super Blitzen Monster Truck from Mega Bloks Hot Wheels. Construct the iconic Super Blitzen body, sit your Team Yellow driver behind the wheel, and connect it to the special motorized base. 
Pull back and unleash its monster truck power to drive through anything in its path! Super Blitzen can also hit the race track built in its original race car form, or rebuild it as a custom track-splitting roadster that any Team Hot Wheels member would want to be driving!
 Ideal for kids ages 5 and up! 
 Features: Rebuildable Super Blitzen car
Monster Truck base with motorized pull-and-release action 
Race Car base for the iconic Super Blitzen™ build, or customize it with other parts for cool rebuilding possibilities 
Collectible Team Yellow action figure

So Brandon who is 7 looks forward to the building part.  The fact he can look at the instruction and put certain pieces together to eventually make a Monster Truck (Or w/e he is building) is amazing to him.  With 87 pieces he had lots of building to do!  I love that once you put it together it stays together no falling apart or lose pieces.  He put it together once and it stayed that way!  Unless of course he wanted to change it.  Since this is a 3 in 1 he was able to change it up anytime he felt like it.
I do want to mention this is not a battery motor it is a pullback motor :)

Both are awesome and have been played with over and over again by my boys.  They keep changing them and keep letting their imagination guide them into building more!
These are only 2 of many sets offered by Mega Bloks!