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A Mutant Mania smack down is about to occur. Build up your ultimate wrestlers and launch into the ring for battle. Who will survive, and who will break down in front of the crowd? Complete with crowd stands, character launcher, battle handles and exclusive characters, the Rampage Arena is a must for any MM fan.

Mutant Mania features a line of wacky, action-packed, mix and match collectible wrestlers (over 80 total!) that kids can build up and smash down for exciting wrestling action

Each customizable figure is created using an interchangeable head, torso and legs – so kids can easily swap out a piece to create a new mutant every time

The Mutant Mania Rampage Arena is the ultimate battle arena where kids can build up their ultimate wrestlers and launch them into the ring to see who will survive, and who will break down in front of the crowd

Includes crowd stands, character launcher, battle handles and two exclusive Mutant Mania figurines (heads, torsos, legs and spines)

My thoughts:
The Mutants came apart pretty easily.  It was okay when you were trying to build them, but during battle my kids kind of wished they would of held it together a bit longer, but at the same time I liked it since it was easy to build them and I didn't have to help my little guys at all.

My kids did love the fact you could "create" your own guy since you could switch out so many parts.  

The both LOVED the launching action.  You can launch from both sides so it was perfect for dual play.
There is over 80 to collect so the "creativity" is endless.   The arena looks real with its wrestling ring, seats and walk out stage area. 
I had to laugh my kids watch WWE a lot and each of their Mutants had a different theme song.  When they would walk out into the arena my kids would be humming that song to let us all know who was about to fight.

There was even some smack talk going on.  And my oldest kept saying "I am about to Mutantnator on everyone!!"

The Mutant Mania Rampage Arena promote creativity and imagination.

There is a small tray under the wrestling area to put all the parts when everyone is done playing.  I really liked this feature, since I was afraid they would get lost.

A great gift for any little boy!
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