The Artisanal Kitchen review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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The Artisanal Kitchen review

This company wants to put only the best in our kitchen.  Everything on their site is chosen and hand selected because it is important and meets not only the high standards, but also because they are special, high quality and makes cooking amazing.

They offer oils, vinegar, rice, grains, seasonings, dried fruit, snacks, nuts, coffee, teas and salts!
To show you the wide variety of items of they offer I was sent several product to try and give my opinion :).

I choose:

6 rices and grains
Quick Cooking & Nutty Wild Rice
Sweet & Exotic Purple Sticky Rice
 Rich & Nutty Naturally Red Rice
 Textured & Earthy Mixed Lentils
 Delicate & Fragrant Saffron Rice 
Pearled for Quicker Cooking Farro Whole Grain

I also got to choose 4 spices:
 Artisanal & Salt-Free – Amazing Great-On-Everything Seasoning
Artisanal & Salt-Free – The Best of Italy Oregano
 Basil, Garlic & More, Artisanal & Organic – Kickin’ Crushed Peppers
 Artisanal & Organic Intense California Garlic

Okay so right away I used the spices.  I am familiar will all of these already, but I have to say after trying these I don't know if I can go back to my old spices.  They are all made in small batches, which makes the flavor standout.

They are all certified Organic Absolutely No Preservatives or Additives No Gluten * No Fillers and no filters.
The farmers putting these spices together go above and beyond to make sure no chemicals or preserves go into them!

Next I choose to review the rices.  I made a new one each night with my meals this week and all I can say is WOW!  I normally make white rice and just think, whatever mix it with some chicken who cares if it is bland.  No more, The Artisanal Kitchen's rice is bursting with flavor and I feel silly never realizing just how much a rice side could really compliment a meal!

Next I made the lentils and they had a great texture and taste.  Instead of overpowering my meal they blended well and really complimented my pork dish.

Finally was the grain.  I personally didn't try this, my hubby stole it all for his salads.  So I had to ask him what he thought!  He told me it was good and gave his salad some crunch...
I asked him for more details and he just again repeated it taste great and gave his salad a nice texture.....
YES he said the same thing twice just worded it differently lol

Everything I was able to try from The Artisanal Kitchen tasted great and I can tell lots of love went into choose these products for their site.
Their products are preservative free, no additive glutton, no filters and no fillers and some are even kosher. 

They offer all the products I mentioned and so much more!  If you want you can even purchase a gift basket and give someone the gift of yumminess!

To learn more please click my link below:
The Artisanal Kitchen