The Original BedBug review

Disclosure:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review, all opinions are my own.
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The Original BedBug review

I have been having a hard time getting Quinn to stay in his own bed.  We start out great I get him excited to be a big boy, we read a book and even pick out a favorite toy to share his bed.
Than slowly things start to turn bad.  He will call my name and when I come back he asks me what I was doing or if I can get him a drink.  He finds anything EVERYTHING to get me to stay in his room longer.
When I heard about the BedBug I knew it would be perfect for him!

This is a bedbug that doen't bite! From the soothing sound of a parent's voice saying "good night" or "I love you" to your child's favorite story read by Mom or Dad, your little one can simply squeeze one of the BedBug’s satin feet to hear your voice whenever they need it most. 
This snuggly, lovable BedBug is sure to be your child's most cherished stuffed animal and is perfect for anytime your little one is experiencing bedtime anxiety or having a hard time dealing with separation. From sleepovers to camp, or for parents who travel for work or are in the military, this special BedBug makes it easier on both parent and child. 
The Original Bedbug can be recorded with up to three personalized messages - two 20 second recordings, perfect for saying goodnight or good morning, and a 3 minute recording, perfect for your child’s most read short story or in Quinn case his favorite song.
 You can change the messages as often as you’d like, too! The Original Bedbug is made of soft, plush materials and comes in recycled packaging.

How cute!  We tried this for a few nights and even though Quinn still calls me to come back to his room it is becoming less and less.  Sometimes I am laying down in my own bed and I have to smile because I can hear myself saying I love you from his room.
I love how soft and light weight the BedBug is!  Making it perfect for traveling.  Sometimes when my dad takes Quinn the car ride is horrible.  He cries the entire time that he wants to go home.  With the BedBug all he has to do is push the button and a little piece of home is suddenly with him.

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