Unforgettaballs review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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Unforgettaballs review

My brother is a baseball fan.  There has been many times when I walked in his living room and he would be sitting on the couch wearing a baseball cap watching a game.  I would try desperately to get his attention to ask him something.  At most I would get a grunt or my favorite time was during a break when he finally looked over and blinked as if bewildered that I suddenly appeared next to him lol

His baseball caps have a place of honor in his bedroom and I swear the man has them arranged in some strange (kinda scary) order.  When I heard of Unforgettaballs I knew it would be perfect for him!
Wonder what they are?
Unforgettaballs baseballs are created from original paintings that are reproduced onto authentic baseballs. 
 Emily M Wolfson is the founder and artist of the Unforgettaballs line of limited edition collectible baseballs. 20 Yrs ago when all baseballs were only white, Emily painted an American Flag on a baseball from a toy store for her husband and Unforgettaballs was born. Originally an architect, she loves to draw small and exact and loves the world of baseball. Over the years she created hundreds of designs of old and new ballparks, city landscapes, and family occasions for all types of baseball collectors. Sometimes the best artwork is found in the most unusual places.

These baseballs can have your favorite stadiums (past and present), historical baseball moments, holidays, places, kids, designs and special occasions.  

Each ball is hand-painted and so much detail is put into the design that the end result is breath taking.

My brothers favorite team is the Red Sox so of course I requested a ball with them as the main theme.
I was sent

 First world series win since 1918 for the Sox! Hand inked and painted, this baseball has an image of the moment that Boston won their first series in 86 years on one side, which took place in St. Louis. The other side of this ball is the front of hometown Fenway park showing all the banners from past wins for Boston. Includes date of game win, time of win, two teams that plays, and the memorable dates 1918*2004 as well as the statement that it is the inaugural season, the number 27, and the date of the game. This is a piece of history, careful detailing, and a true love for the sport comes through in this unique baseball.
Includes a handsome protective, clear lucite display cube.
Limited Edition Collectible Baseball with Certificate of Authenticity!

I was so impressed when my ball arrived!  The nice display cube makes it easy to show off your Unforgettable without having to worry about it getting lost or damaged (My brother's dog Boone likes to steal things that are not his!)
Also the Certificate was neat, this way he can prove that he owns a limited edition item that not everyone can own.
Last, but not least was the painting.  It looks amazing which I'm sure you can see for yourself, but what really struck me was the feel of the painting!  I'm sure Red Sox fans everywhere will always remember that day, remember that feeling as the team ran onto the field to celebrate.

This photo captures that iconic moment and places it on a baseball to make the moment live forever.  I have a feeling this ball will have a place of honor in my brother Man Cave *AKA his bedroom!
This is only 1 of many balls offered and the Red Sox are only 1 of the many teams represented on these Unforgettaballs.
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