Unforgettaballs review

Baseball has taken over my life.  My youngest son plays not just baseball in the spring, but also in the summer for all stars.  I could handle that, but now we go to the batting cages every other weekend.  We spend way to much money on baseball bats and I'm forced to watch games all the time.  And no not just current games.  A few months ago we were watching a game when my son suddenly tells me who is going to win.  Rolling my eyes I told him there is no way he could know.  He then replies to me, 'yeah I do, I watched this game live'.... Ummm it was news to me the game we were watching wasn't live lol and WHO DOES THAT?!?  Is it normal to watch a games you already know the  outcome of?
But I truth be told I don't mind all the baseball stuff.  I may not understand it, but seeing my son so passionate about something makes me happy.

With Christmas just around the corner I wanted to get him something special.  Something that encourages his love of the sport.
I found the fun shop called Unforgettaballs

Wonder what they are?
Unforgettaballs baseballs are created from original paintings that are reproduced onto authentic baseballs. 
 Emily M Wolfson is the founder and artist of the Unforgettaballs line of limited edition collectible baseballs. 20 Yrs ago when all baseballs were only white, Emily painted an American Flag on a baseball from a toy store for her husband and Unforgettaballs was born. Originally an architect, she loves to draw small and exact and loves the world of baseball. Over the years she created hundreds of designs of old and new ballparks, city landscapes, and family occasions for all types of baseball collectors. Sometimes the best artwork is found in the most unusual places.

These baseballs can have your favorite stadiums (past and present), historical baseball moments, holidays, places, kids, designs and special occasions.  

Each ball is printed from Emily’s original work of art and so much detail is put into the design that the end result is breath taking.

My son's favorite team is the Phillies.  He knows so much about them and when we go to the games he even knows things about the stadium.  Which is why the Die-Hard Fan: Citizens Bank Park is the perfect ball for him!

Die-Hard Fan at Citizens Bank Park The ball is covered with experiences specific to Citizens Bank Park, for the true fan. 

These balls were created from the help of my Phillies fans, thank you for sharing your experiences! Includes a protective, clear display box.