Lindt Review

Disclosure:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review, all opinions are my own.
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Lindt Review

When I think of chocolate the first thing that comes to mind is Lindt white chocolate truffles.  Even my grandmother knows I love them and she makes to sure to have them every Christmas Eve just for me.
Not only is Lindt Chocolate Truffles smooth, but they are also full of rich flavor that leaves you wanting more and more.  The hard shell outside that opens up to a soft chocolate inside is to die for!  

Now I am a bit ashamed to admit that their Truffles are my limit on Lindt chocolate.  I always see their other products on the shelf, but as soon as my eyes spot those white chocolate Truffles everything else becomes a blur...
Until now!
I recently, on a whim, contacted Lindt for a review.  I thought 'well I know I love their chocolate truffles this will be the perfect way to try all they have to offer.'
And I am excited to say yes they agreed to work with me!  Not only did they agree to let me review their products, but they were beyond nice and helpful.  
First lets learn a bit more about the company:
Creating premium chocolate is an art that requires great skill, dedication and passion, and the Maîtres Chocolatiers of Lindt are masters of this craft.

Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers develop and refine their unique secret recipes with absolute devotion. The trademark Lindt is the guarantee for premium chocolate of distinct smoothness, characteristic taste, and innovative flair. Every single piece is created by our unmatched passion for high-quality chocolate. It's a tradition the Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers have carried on since 1845.

I was sent several products to review and to be honest when the box arrived I was a bit in awe of all the chocolate yumminess!  I didn't even know where to start.

So going back to old habits I grabbed the Milk Chocolate Truffles!
I had a tough choice to make on which chocolate to eat first....  Chocolate always helps me make better choices :)
As you know I am already a fan of their Chocolate Truffles, I was even more excited to see them in a Classic Holiday Gift box!
The Red box contains 12 LINDOR milk chocolate truffles in this festive ready-to-give gift box with matching bow.
No need to wrap this yummy gift it comes in its own box!!

Next I was able to review three types of boxes chocolate!
Each box was pretty and truthfully I could see myself handing them as a gift as they came.  No wrapping needed!
First up was the Petits desserts box
New recipes! The Lindt Master Chocolatiers present these fine chocolate creations inspired by classic dessert recipes, including: creme brulee, meringue, eclair caramel, millefeuille, brownie, Molten Chocolate cake and tiramisu.
And yes they taste as yummy as they sound!  The Petits Dessert box holds up to Lindt high standards.  I personally tried the Caramel Eclair and the Brownie and right away my taste buds were immersed in rich chocolate heaven.  I gave the truffles a dirty look blaming them for taking me so long to discover these tasty morsles! 
My hubby ate the tiramisu and I swear I think he was ready to cry when they were all gone!  

Now this was just box number 1 we still had 2 more to sample.

Next we opened up the Classic Assorted chocolates.
Forget everything you know about Assorted Chocolate boxes, because Lindt is about to change everything!  I was impressed not only with the selection, but also with the distinct taste of each piece.
No two tasted alike and each was just as good as the last!  
The box had:
Milk Pecan Caramel Classic 
Milk Chocolate Truffle
Dark Raspberry Gem
White Chocolate Truffle
Extra Dark Chocolate Truffle
Milk Heart
Milk Caramel Chew 

And there was a cheat sheet so you knew exactly what you were eating.

Last but not least may be new new favorite!
The Gourmet Truffles box!
Now we all know I love their truffles, but believe it or not these Gourmet Truffles had even more flavor!
The box had 6 flavors
Milk Chocolate
Extra Dark
As with the regular truffles these have a hard shell and smooth center.  

Now I don't know about the women in your life, but I know the ones in my life would love to get any Lindt chocolate as a gift!  Whether it be a Truffle, box or even their Petits Desserts!  It is all good and sure to put a smile on anyone's face!
Each piece of chocolate I ate was a rich, creamy and as scrumptious as the last.
I wont fib I had a hard time forcing myself to share.
And not only will these makes a great gift, but if you are having a party I am sure they will be the highlight of the dessert table!  You have no clue how many times in the past I skipped my grandmothers and aunts desserts to instead eat the White chocolate truffles :)

The best part is the products I review are only a few of many!  Any chocolate lover is sure to find what they are looking for with Lindt!
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