Nerd Block review

Disclosure:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review, all opinions are my own.
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Nerd Block review

If read my blog before this one you can see my house is full of nerds :).  And we are proud of it.
Now I couldn't let my kiddos have all the fun, I reviewed the Nerd Block Jr,  and I also reviewed the adult version of Nerd Block!
Here is how it works

Pick your favorite theme and subscribe Nerd Block is all about choice! As a subscriber, you get to select what theme best suits your personality and interests.

Every month the experts at Nerd Block team select outstanding gear, toys, and collectables, to provide you with an unmatched experience and an incredible value. The go throw hundreds of items choosing only the best!

You will than get an email when you box ships!
You can cancel at any time and boxes range from 13.99-19.99 a month depending on which subscription you choose. 

Nerd Block is all about finding unique items that any collector will love.  I am not even a collector and I LOVED everything in my box.  We have fought over the Iron Man mug several times lol

Speaking of my mug let me show you all the fun stuff that was in my box this month.

My Iron Man Mug of course.  That seems to keep get stolen, it has a comic strip on the mug that my boys insist on reading every day :)

Next was the Nerd Block Slap Watch.  These are super Mario themed and just slap on your wrist.

Boba Fett Fan Wraps these are decals you can stick to your car, window or locker.  I personally didn't use this yet, I am thinking of given them to my sisters boyfriends.  He has been eyeing them up since they arrived.

Next was the tee shirt that comes in each month.  Different tee, but each one is just as fun as the last.

Last, but not least wast he Holy Plush Toy, Batman.
Okay all I have to say is AWESOME!  Every week my entire family gathers around the TV to watch our DVR episodes of Gotham.  We are a bit Batman obsessed.  When I saw Batman in the box I grabbed him and stuck him in my room right away!  No way was I sharing him.
It wasn't until a few days later that my boys stole him and he is now as I type this post racing around my house in the Bat car!

Everything was perfect for the Nerds in my family.  We loved each item and can't wait to see what comes next month.
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