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I don't want anyone to panic, but in case you didn't know Mother's Day is only 2 weeks away!  You only have two weeks to find the perfect gift for the person who gave you life, the person who made you who you are!  The person who will love you no matter what.
No pressure :) lol

In all seriousness though Mother's Day really is only two weeks away and if you are anything like me, than your mom means the world to you.  I want to make sure to get her the perfect gift.
I always try to get her something she will use, but that also has sentimental value.

Some of you may not know this about me, but I love old tv shows.  As a child I use to watch them all the time with my mom and dad. All in the Family, Sanford and Son, the Jeffersons and so many more.
One of my favorites has always been and always will be the I Love Lucy show!
I can remember watching Lucy even when I was really small.  My mom said when I was little I would call her the silly red head lady.
I still have a VCR in my house so I can watch my Lucy VHS tapes.  Which include but are not limited to "The Lost episodes", The Long Long Trailer and so many other episodes.
I even have an I Love Lucy barbie!
Till this day my favorite episode is still the Vitameatavegamin!
The thing that makes Lucy a classic is she is just funny, she isn't vulgar she doesn't cut others down.  She is just funny and as a  younger me would say silly.  She is good clean family humor.

So enough with my fan girl Lucy moment.  For those of you wondering what any of this has to do with Mother's Day I'm excited to tell you about the all new Lucy DVD
I Love Lucy: I <3 MOM EDITION!

CBS Home Entertainment will be releasing I LOVE LUCY: I ❤ MOM EDITION on 4/28 
It comes gift-ready in greeting card packaging! 

 The special DVD compilation features some of the most beloved episodes from the legendary series that highlight Lucy’s journey as a Mom: 
 The emotional episode “Lucy Is Enceinte,” in which Lucy first learns she is pregnant (featuring the touching scene in which Lucy and Ricky shed tears of joy at the news) 
“Lucy Goes to the Hospital" - an absolute phenomenon when it first aired, over 70% of all televisions in America tuned in to see the birth of little Ricky during this landmark episode 
 “No Children Allowed” in which the Ricardos and their best friends and neighbors, Fred and Ethel deal with the stress of a screaming newborn 
“Nursery School,” in which Lucy adjusts to sending little Ricky to school, and later comforts him when he needs to get his tonsils removed.

It is going to be released on April 28, 2015 by CBS home entertainment!
They have a huge collection of Lucy DVDs perfect for any fan.
To learn more or see all they have to offer please see my link below: