Cheap Budget Friendly Kids Summer Fun!

Cheap Budget Friendly Kids Summer Fun!

Summer is almost here and my kiddos are already making plans.
Number one of both of their lists is sleeping in everyday.....  Okay lets not lie that is number one on my list too!  No more 6:30 bus stop whoot!!

We will be on a budget this summer, so I had to get a bit creative!

1) Check your local library for a craft/activity club.  Many libraries offer some sort of free summer program.
And don't stop there you can also check with your rec. center I know mine offers a playground program also.

2)Discount Days - You can find these everywhere!  Just check local places.  In my area I know our local theater offers a $1 kids movies every Tuesday this summer.  The bowling alley also has discounted days, as does a few of the mini golf courses.

3) Tour a local factory - for me this one is easy.  We live in PA so we have chocolate world in Hershey.  It is free and the kids have a blast learning how chocolate is made.

4) Since we are talking about tours why not check out local wildlife centers.  I know to us looking at birds and little critters may seem dull, but to a kiddo it is an amazing adventure.

5) Fishing - Okay so this one I know nothing about, but my dad loves taking my little guys out fishing.  It is cheap and kinda relaxing.

6) Cooking together - My kiddos love having making summer recipes with me.  

7) Make Popsicles -  The molds are cheap and it is fun to make new recipes and colors.

8) Playground - They can play and even make new friends

9) Feed the ducks - Take that stale bread and put it to good use :)

10) Baseball game - These are sometimes pretty cheap.

11)  Plan things at home!  
Here are a few examples:
Picnic (You can even use the summer recipes you made together)
Obstacle Course
Scavenger hunt 
Photograph nature together
plant a garden together
Movie night
backyard camping
Make a huge drawing using chalk
buy a sprinkler
Play a game of kickball
Water balloon fight
Spa day (great for rainy days)
fly a kite
bike ride

 12) Book Club - Last but not least make a list of books you want you kiddos to read this summer.  At the end of the summer when the check out their entire list have a special ice-cream party for them.  It keep them reading so they don't fall behind for next school year.

Most of all just have fun!  Kids don't need you to spend money on 
them, sometimes all they want is for you just to spend time with them.