Chores by Age

Chores by Age

My kiddos are 7 and 4.  They have always had small chores to do, but sometimes my 7 year old doesn't understand WHY he has to do more than his brother.

To make him feel better I made a list of Age Appropriate chores.
I wanted him to see that as they get older their chores become a bit harder to do.
I also told him if ever he feels it is to much just let me know.

I'm sure over the years these may change.  Considering my oldest is only 7 I have no clue if the things I wrote for 8+ will be to much.

I tried to give them chores that are just "work" but also teach them skills.
I want them to be able to one day take care of themselves, so I gave them chores that will prepare them for when they are older.
If you notice I didn't write anything about cooking, because in my house we don't treat cooking as a chore, but as time for the family to spend together.
Fingers cross in a few years my boys still love cooking with me :)!!

This is just an example of a chore chart, all families are different.