ICustomLabel review

Disclaimer:  I was given product in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

ICustomLabel review

Sometimes customizing something adds that special touch.  It can take an everyday ordinary object and make it unique.
Sometimes though it can be tough to find certain objects.  My youngest sons name is Quinn and I swear it is impossible to find anything with his name.

And what about birthday parties?  Wouldn't it be awesome to have your little ones name on everything?
You can do just that with ICustomLabel!
Let me tell you a bit more about the company

At ICustomLabel the thing that drives them is their love of holidays and celebrations! 
With that love in thought ICustomLabel is here and honored to help you create the perfect labels to celebrate the times of your lives.

So when I first agreed to review, I thought they were just a wine bottle label company.  I was wrong they create so much more!  A few examples are:
Cupcake toppers
gift tags
address labels
food jar labels
and so much more!

You simply go to their site, customize whatever it is your little heart desires and than make you a gorgeous label and send it to your door.

My sister is getting married in October.  SO I knew beyond a doubt I had to review the Wedding Milestone Wine set!

Not only does it celebrate their special day, but I can give them a whole collection of wine to use on they milestones they will hit together.

Above are the photos from the site, below is what you are sent (Minus the wine of course!)
You can see that the labels look exactly like the photo on the site.
I had a hard time getting my label on though, as you can see it is a bit wrinkled at the top.

In case you can't see what the labels are they say first baby, first argument, first Christmas, Wedding Night and first anniversary
It is a gift I know no one else will get them and I know will last them for years to come.
I like that I was able to not only put their wedding date, but also their names on the label.
You can customize with words, photos and colors all to perfectly match your theme.