Lili Collection Shoes review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own,

Lili Collection Shoes review 

My Quinn loves fashion, sometimes in the morning it takes him just as long as me to get ready.  He has all his shoes lined up and he likes to make sure to pick the right pair for each outfit.  He has a basket of hats and I swear some days it will take him 10 minutes of trying them all to see which one matches his outfit just right.
This perplexes my hubby and oldest son whom normally just grab whatever is on top and slips it on.
Not my Quinn though not only does he like to dress nice he also loves to shop.  Over the past few years he has become my little shopping buddy.  We all laugh because when I tell him we are going to the mall he says "Oh Yeah SHOPPING BABY."

When I was contacted about review a pair of shoes from Lili Collection I knew for a fact my little Quinn was going to fall in love instantly with their cute designs.
First let me tell you a bit about the company than I will focus more on the shoes I was able to review.

Lili Collection is a unique and fun brand of baby shoes that gives you both fashion and function.  Your baby can have stylish footwear without giving up comfort.
Lili Collection offers several types of footwear a few of which are:

Lili Collection’s Animoccs- animal faces + moccs. Animoccs combine the comfort and cuteness of moccasins, with cute animals faces that kids will love!

I don't know about your kiddos, but put a cute little animal face on something and my kids are instantly in love :)

 They also offer a Fringe Leather Boots for babies! Real leather and a Velcro closure giving you both cuteness, but also easy to put on boots! 

They also offer a sprinkle collection that features real sprinkles!  Perfect for the holidays, photo shoots or even a birthday celebration.

Lili Collection offers both boys and girls shoes and the few a mention above are just a peek at all the have to offer!
They have many designs, colors and offer sizes 0 months - 4T.

All of Lili Collection’s shoes are made in the USA and are only made from the highest quality materials, so you can feel good about the shoes you put on your little one’s feet. 

So not only are they super cute,durable and functional,  but they are also USA based :).  And to really bring it all together they are affordable!
What more can a mom ask for?

I was personally able to review:
The Camo Moccs:

The Lili Collection Leather Moccasins are handmade in the USA.  The soft-sole moccasins provide comfort for growing little feet.  They are made with high quality leather, that not only feels good, but is also durable. The moccs are extremely comfortable, easy to put on, easy to take off and, most importantly; stay on your little ones feet.
I loved how easily they slid on, I didn't have to have Quinn lay on his back and me push with all my might to get them only.  I simply used one finger and slipped they over the back of his heel.
And you can see from the photo they are adorable. I can also tell you they are true to size.
I didn't think these would be okay to wear outside, but several times now he wore them out to play on our trampoline and we didn't have any tears or rips!

The pair I reviewed is just one of many and as I mentioned before they offer boys and girls shoes.
To see all they have to offer please see my link below: