Little Tikes Sizzle N Serve Grill

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
Summer is here....  well okay almost lol.  Summer vacation for the kiddos is here though and this mama has a whole agenda of fun things to do!  Over the next several weeks I will be making posts not only on products, but also recipes, games, crafts and so much more.  Click the photo below to see my entire Summer Fun Guide and also enjoy the review below with a product little ones are sure to adore:

Little Tikes Sizzle N Serve Grill

My hubby and I love to grill.  We keep our grill on the porch year round, because even in the winter time we venture out sometimes to grill something up.
Summer time we constantly have the grill on, is it me or does everything taste a bit better on the grill?
My hubby has even grilled bacon in the morning.
My kiddos want so badly to help, they love to cook with me indoors, but I don't trust the grill it is to high and 90% of the surface is hot.....  Plus my hubby is famous for starting small grill fires.  

I felt bad though and have been looking for a small grill for them.  Not a real one of course, but one they could pretend to make food on.  My kiddos have pretty wild imaginations and we often play "Restaurant" with their indoor kitchen set.  As I mentioned though summer is grilling time, so their indoor kitchen don't do them much good.
It wasn't until I was checking out Little Tikes that I found them the perfect Little grill!

Don't mind Quinn's angry face, he was mad that I had to build the grill and couldn't magically snap my fingers and make it suddenly assembled lol!!  

Let me first talk to you about assembly.  It was easy, normally I wait for the hubby to come home to build things.  With Little Tikes I learned long ago that I could simply do it myself.  The instructions are easy to follow and I needed NO tools.  All the parts snapped into place.
The Grill doesn't take up much space and it is sturdy.  I don't have to worry about a strong wind knocking it over.

Next up I was impressed with the features.  It had a cute open and close lid. "Just like mommy's grill." said Quinn.
It was perfect for little fingers too.  The lid doesn't slam close and catch their fingers, nor does it fly open when they pull it up.  Actually it only opens so far so that the lid stand ups.  Again just like my grill :)
I did look at the Little Tikes site and see some people had issues getting the lid to properly attach.  This was the only tricky part for me I had Brandon Jr hold it perfectly still as I used both hands to squeeze the back into place.  It took quite a bit of pressure, but in the end I did get it attached right.
As you can see the Little Tikes Sizzle N Serve Grill came with lots of accessories:  
 1-Pair of tongs 
 1-Bottle of ketchup
 1- Bottle of mustard 
 2-Hamburgers with bun 
  2-Hot dogs with buns

It also features a turntable knob, again adding to the "real" feel.  I liked the little hooks to hang up their Spatula and Tongs.  Also the inside of the grill had "Lines" just like my grill.  At least that is what my boys call them.

Another feature we really liked was how easily it was to move.  My boys set it up next to my grill, but when I am cooking I don't want them that close.  The Little Tikes Sizzle N Serve Grill has wheels so my boys could easily move it themselves.

The thing I love most though is the smiles it puts on my boys face.  They love to use their imagination to us it may look like a plastic toy, but to my kiddos it was a grill being featured in a 5 star restaurant and they had a patio full of people waiting to be served.  
With with aprons and chef hats they got to work.  Quinn even went around getting our orders.

Little Tikes is one of my favorite companies, because they promote kiddos to use their imagination and play.

I wasn't sure how long it would hold their attention, but it seems every-time my hubby and I grill they do too :)

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