Memorial Day Kids Flag Cake Recipe

Memorial Day Kids Recipe

My kiddos love cooking with me in the kitchen.  Most recipes there isn't much they can do, but when we bake they get to do most of the work.

My oldest is learning about Memorial Day in school, he came home and asked if we could please make a flag cake....
Wait he wasn't done.  Not only does he want a flag design on the outside, he also wants the cake to be blue, with white icing and a RED strawberry filling.
A baker I am not, but thanks to some of the lovely items offered by Love Cooking Company even I can do something as astonishing as strawberry filled caked.
So without further ado....


White cake mix (Needed oil, eggs and water)
Blue dye
Cream cheese icing
Strawberry topping
Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip cake pan

Make your cake mix according to the box.
Please note you may need two boxes depending on how much cake batter you have.  You want to be able to fill both pans at least 3/4 of the way.
Also make sure to spray the pans, makes it so much easier to remove your cake afterwards.

Next step is to remove both the top and bottom part of the cake.  I found this to be easier to do if you run a knife along the outer edges.

Please wait until the cake cools 100% I started to remove mine when it was still warm and a tiny bit of my cake stuck to the pan.  Not enough to ruin the recipe though :)
Next you want to fill your bottom half with w/e filling you choose.
This can be strawberries, blueberries, peanut-butter ect.
The possibilities are limitless for filling, next time my boys wanted to do an M&M middle.

After your cake is filled you put your top part on.  This was simple I actually picked it up with my hands and was able to place it without it falling apart.  

If you are having a hard time getting your top you may have over filled your middle.  Simply spoon some out.

Icing and decorate how ever you little heart desires.  My boys wanted a flag cake for Memorial Day.
Out "blue" cake wasn't the perfect shade, but my boys were so excited that you would have thought we made a prize winning cake.

Last, but not least ENJOY!!

Love Cooking Company offers both round and square fill and flip cake pans.  They are so easy to use and can make every day home cooks look like bakery chefs.

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