4 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas

4 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas

I can't lie I am a bit of a procrastinator.  I tend to do things at home and think wow that would be a cute blog post.... And then I push it off, forget about, remember and make a note to do it... Lose the note. Find the note, remember again and the vicious cycle continues lol

I finally found sometime and wanted to post a few of the cute DIY Home decor items I have been making around my house.

The candle holder tray

Items I used:
$1 tray I found at a yard sale
chalkboard spray paint
white stones I found at michaels
black stones I found at michaels

Now from the photo you can see it is pretty self explanatory.  It was easy to do, you just need to take your time with the chalkboard paint.  It took three days since I had to wait for day one to dry before I could do the other side.

This makes a cute table center piece.

The Photo Frame Chalk board
Again this one is pretty straight forward!
All you need
Photo frame (I used one that had a broken back)
colorful stones

I had a frame that the back kickstand part was broke.  Useless?  No, never in this house :), I simply removed the back, put the frame upside down, placed a candle on the glass and surrounded it with colorful stones.
I stuck a new candle on so the frame would look pretty, but I wanted to say at night when this is lighted it makes the stone look super pretty!!

Framed Hands
This year for Mother's Day my boys traced their little hands, painted them, cut them out and then put their initials in the middle.
They put so much love and time into these little hands, I was so worried that they would get ripped or lost on me!!
After a great debate I came up with the perfect solution.
I framed them!  
Even though over the next several years their hands will grow I will have a forever 4 year old Quinn and 7 year old Brandon hand print on my dresser.
For this all I needed was:
My boys gift (Cut out traced hands)
2 photo frames
white poster board

I cut the poster board to size, put their little hands in the center and then framed them.
Easy to do, but definitely a cherished gift.

4 Beauty and The Beast Rose
Okay so a few of you may have raised an eyebrow at this one.  I admit it takes a bit of a stretch of the imagination to see the magical rose from Beauty and The Beast.
After watching the movie though my boys kept asking me about the rose and if it really does exists.  I of course said no, but asked if they would like to make our own. 

What we used:
Glass dome 
(I found a candle on clearance at Michaels, this glass dome was on top.)
decorative garden stones 
(These really came from my garden)
fake flower
Sturdy bottom

We hot glued the stones in the way we wanted them onto the bottom. 
 Placed the flower on top and then finished it off with the dome.

We didn't glue the dome or flowers I like this little set up and in the future I may want to switch the flower with something else!

All of these are super easy and pretty cheap!