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I adore my little Quinn, I really and truly do, so it hurts me to see him struggle so much with learning.  Quinn is 4 and no matter how hard I try I can't get him to grasp simply things.  The highest he can count is 3, he still mixes up colors and shapes, and we didn't even try letters yet.  No matter what I try I just can't seem to help him.  Preschool did help tremendously,  I'm afraid though that this summer he is going to fall behind again and forget all the things he learned this year.
A few weeks ago I was telling my hubby my worries and he said, "Why don't you just put him on that mouse thing, you had Brandon on.  It really helped me."
I of course don't speak fluent man and had no clue what the "mouse" thing was.  So I had him explain further...  Which sounded like this.  "The mouse on the computer, that taught him stuff."   
Thankfully Brandon JR was in the room and started to cheer ABCMOUSE ABCMOUSE!  
And at once I got excited too, because I did forget about this amazing program!  It helped Brandon Jr so much a few years ago and I couldn't believe I didn't think to sign Quinn up. is a subscription based educational website for kids ages 2 to 6.   With over 450 lessons and over 3000 individual learning activities ABCmouse gives children  the foundation necessary to achieve academic success.   
There is 6 levels each designed to target different age groups.

You start your child on whichever level you think is best for them if you find your child is ahead or behind that particular level that is okay because you can change it at anytime.
The lessons cover reading, math, science, art, colors and Music.

One of Quinn's issues is he doesn't like to feel pressured.  With he isn't pressured he is having fun.  I love the fact he is learning, but having fun at the same time.  My son thinks ABCmouse is the new greatest game!  He begs to "play" he is having fun learning and as a mom that makes me proud.
And since Brandon is an alumni he even helps his brother out and shows him how to do certain things.

The lessons were short and always changing.  One minute he was coloring, the next singing a song, doing a puzzle and so much more.  It was always changing and keeping him engaged.  He never had time to get bored. 
Plus he is rewarded for learning, at the end lesson he gets to pick a prize.  

With each activity he completes he earns tickets and points that he can spend at the pretend online store. 
They love buying new pets with the points they earn during Quinn's lessons. was developed by childhood experts that understand kids they understands how to teach them without overwhelming them.  My boys honestly view ABCmouse as a game which is why I think Quinn is learning so easily, because for him it's fun its not work.

There is quite a few activities children can do.  A few of them are:
The learning Path - This is where they do their lessons and earn points.  Before they can move ahead on the path they must complete several lessons.  Quinn's favorite is always the book.  The lessons also have songs, puzzles, printouts, games and several other activities. 

Classroom - There is charts in here to help with learning the calendar, counting, the clock, take care of the fish and so many other things.

There is a farm, a zoo, a shopping center, their own room, a library and so much more!  The possibilities for learning are endless and kids can have hours of fun while they learn.
Everything Quinn has done so far is directed at his age group.  I love that he doesn't feel overwhelmed.  
A week ago I was so stressed about my little guy falling behind again, now I feel so peace knowing that he will most likely start next year ahead of the rest of the class :)

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