Date Night: With Covered Perfectly

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.   I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Date Night: With Covered Perfectly 

Once a month every month my hubby and I have date night.  This month though we are having two date nights!  The kiddos are in bible school, so we have an entire week of 2 hours of free time each night.
Sometimes we just rent movies and play PS4 all night.  Other nights we head out for dinner, golfing, movies or some other small activity.
It isn't about how much money we spend, we try to make it about spending time together.  It is nice to have alone time with my hubby were we can act silly and just enjoy each others company.

My first rule to date night though is no phone calls, we take our phones just in case something would happen to the boys.  But we don't "Talk",text, check our emails, ect.

This date night was special, there is a local restaurant that both of us have been dying to try.  It went up in November, and we still didn't get a chance to try it out.  Even though I love my kiddos, I wanted to try it without them.  The food looks so good I wanted to eat when it was still warm :).
Also the restaurant is super nice and I didn't want to be the person with loud kiddos.

So our night was planned drop the boys off, go to dinner, pick the boys up and then head off for ice cream as a family.

I like to dress up for date night.  Even though my hubby and I have been together 10 years and have been married since 2008 I still try to impress him.  (I think it is one sided though, remember I said this place was nice.... Yeah my hubby tried to wear a shirt with a stain.  When I pointed out said stain, he attempted to turn the shirt inside-out :(.  Is this a man thing? lol)

Okay so I am that woman, the one with the color coded closet.  
The woman who has 4 rods in her closet, to keep summer, fall, winter and random (dresses,cover-ups, slacks and my hubby's 3 dress shirts on this rod) separate.
(My fall clothing behind my summer stuff)

The woman 60+ pairs of shoes and the hair accessory for every outfit.  I'm also the woman who gets super ecstatic over new clothing.  I spend hours sometimes looking for the perfect top, or the perfect shoes. 
And my hubby is that man who follows me around begging me to just please pick something. 

So with this in mind I want you to know I can't wait to tell you about Covered Perfectly.
Why you may ask?
Because I do love clothing shopping, and when I find a new store that carries awesome clothing I can't help but share.  
I'm going to share two photos in this post.  One is of me on date night and the other is my sister.  I totally convinced her to start shopping at Covered Perfectly.

So here is why I love the shop.
They offer stylish clothing at a great price.  And a lot of their designs come in several colors.  If you see something you like there is a good chance they will have it in your color.  And the offer so many designs!  Jackets, drapes, V-Neck, prints, stripes and so many other choices.  Oh and they offer plus size!  They want to make all women feel beautiful :).
I personally was able to review the Color Block women's top in teal black.  I love the sharp colors that stand out. 

 And I'm not sure if having it two toned is a slimming, but my hubby asked twice when I was wearing it if I lost weight. 
The material is amazing, it is summer time, so I wasn't sure if wearing a slightly longer sleeve would be to hot.  Once I tried the shirt on I knew instantly it would not.  The material is light and I truly think the top could be worn year round.  It is made of 94% Micromodal 6% Spandex giving it a nice flowing feel.  The top moved with me instead of being stiff and uncomfortable.
So far it gets two thumbs up for being comfy and slimming.
Finally though and this is what I can't stop bragging about is the softness.  I had both my hubby and sister feel the shirt.  After touching my sister demanded to try it on.  And even she couldn't get over how great it felt against her skin.

As you can see the top looks cute on all ages!  I am nearing 30 and loved it and my sister who is 19 looked absolutely adorable!

Covered Perfectly offers stylish, comfy clothing at a great price.  
I was excited about going out with my hubby to a new restaurant and even more excited I got to wear a super cute outfit thanks to Covered Perfectly.
Do you love my top as much as I do?  If so then please feel free to use my 20% off coupon!
Just enter code SMB at check out.
Covered Perfectly