DC Boy's Trase TX Low Top Shoes

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

DC Boy's Trase TX Low Top Shoes

My boys are rough on shoes, last year I got them each a cheap pair of sandals and within the week they were ruined!  And no I don't mean dirty, I mean falling part torn and unwearable.  I learned my lesson and realized that I was better off just getting them top quality.  At least this way I knew they would last longer than a week.

For years now I myself have been buying DC shoes.  I love that they are long lasting, comfortable and of course fashionable.
It wasn't until a few weeks ago that my oldest said he wanted shoes like mine that I had a DUH moment.  All this time I've been wearing shoes that I love because I know they last and I never thought to check if they had a kids line.

And of course they do!  Not only do they have a kids line, but the offer so many styles and colors that everyone is sure to find something they like.

We choose to review the DC Boy's Trase TX low top shoes in the grey/black/red color. 

 As I said before this was only one color combination of many.  And even though we reviewed a pair for my son they also have a bunch of cute little girl pairs.

What we love:
~ Style - Of course you can see from the photo they look good.  I like that they are "low" too.  Meaning that the sides and heel sit nicely by my son's ankles.  He hate shoes that got up to high. 

 The metal eyelets and red lines going around the middle really added to the style.  
Oh and the laces are the perfect length.  My son's old sneakers had super short laces and for someone who is just learning to tie this was impossible.  His new DC Trase according to him 'are perfect' now he can 'easily make two loops!'
Yes, I get my son super cool fashionable shoes and he is amazed by the length of the laces lol

~ Fit - They are true to size and fit my son perfectly.  As I mentioned these are a low cut shoe so if you are someone who insist on wearing socks you want to get the no show kind.

~Comfort - My son loves them.  He tells me that they don't pinch anywhere.  He even wore them to baseball practice and said they were comfortable when he ran the bases.  And he has asked to wear them several other times.  So the fact he wants to wear them proves they must be comfortable.
I think it is because they are made with canvas so they move with his feet inside of fighting his natural moment.

Other things we liked:
Simple Design
Light Weight
great color (look exactly like they do on the site)
Versatile enough to wear everywhere
True to Size
Nice rubber heel
Easy to clean
Seems really sturdy

I really tried to find a con and could not.  When I asked Brandon Jr if there was anything he didn't like he replied "Yeah Quinn (AKA little brother) keeps trying to wear them..."  So I guess the only con would be promotes siblings to borrow your things :)!

If you wish to learn more and see all the great colors that DC Shoes offers is the Trase TX Low Top design please check out my link below:

And I have to mention another great company.  As many of my fans will see I review mostly stuff for my kiddos.  I love getting stuff for them because at the end of the day I am happiest when they are happy.  It is nice to get something for myself once in awhile though....  So when I opened up the package with my son's new DC shoes I was super surprised to see a pair of Stance socks included for me!
I was sent the Demapples design.  Demapples Stance socks offer a winning combination of being built to last, which is shown in their  deep heel pockets and tightly stitched seaming for a reinforced heel and toe. As if that wasn't enough they feature a band of springy elastic arch support!  And come up look how cute they are!
I was pleasantly surprised and have to say this is my first pair of Stance socks, but after wearing them twice this past week I can say they wont be my last!