Good Earth Beauty, naturally beautiful

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Good Earth Beauty, naturally beautiful 

Everyone has their own definition of beautiful.  I think everyone is different and that their uniqueness it was makes them beautiful.  
Today though I want to focus on the products that we use to make us beautiful.  Or more specially the products we put in our hair.

As someone with super thick hair everyday is a struggle.  If I use to strong of shampoo I have "hay" like hair.  I broke several brushes over the years from this.  If I use to much conditioner my hair feels as if it weighs 100 pounds.  And I am totally that person that has to keep buying hairbands since they always snap.  And to really top this all off, my hair has a natural wave.  So when I go to the beach and get just a dab of salt water in, my hair it poofs up!  My sister and brother have gotten into the habit of calling this my witch hair.....   My hubby always tells me to watch for seagulls they may think it's a bird nest!  lol

When my hair is being good though I love it!  Thick hair does have its advantages when I'm trying to style it.  So yes my hair and I have quite the love hate relationship going on.

I'm very carefully with what products I use and through trail and error I have discovered what I can and can't use.
One of my biggest surprises was that my hair seems to love natural products!  I'm not sure if the removal of chemicals is the reason why, but my hair seems to behave more when using natural.

So if you are wondering about the title of my post "Naturally Beautiful" now you know.  I am going to be talking about all natural hair products today!
I want to mention that I am reviewing a Coconut Lime scent, but in the past I have used other scents in the same line.  Each and every-time they leave my hair feeling soft, beautiful and refreshed!

The company is Good Earth Beauty.
Good Earth Beauty is a a unique beauty shop carrying only natural and organic products that are NOT tested on animals. All products are chosen and personally tested by their staff. Product lines include Cosmetics, Bath & Body, Hair Care, items for Babies, Pets, and more.  The even have a super cute kid's shop!
If you go to the about page Karen the company founder talks about why its important to her to use natural products that are not tested on animals.  She also talks about the products on her site and you can tell she is very passionate and puts a lot of time and thought into what she features.

I have 2 small kids, I try to keep harsh chemicals out of my home.  I use natural and organic whenever I can and to have a site that brings all the best products together in one place gets a HUGE thumbs up from me.

As I mentioned I have used Good Earth Beauty's hair shampoo and conditioner before.  So before my review started, I knew beyond a doubt I would love the results.  Their hair products let my hair feeling soft and smooth.  I also have a natural shine after using them.  And even better, my hair feels light.  Anyone with thick hair knows what I mean.  I can wear a pony tail without getting a headache :)!!
I wanted to show you a list of the ingredients, so you could see for yourself exactly what goes into it.  Below is the conditioner Ingredients: 

Organic Herbal infusion, Organuc aloe barbadensis leaf juice (aloe vera), cetearyl alcohol (plant derived), jojoba oil, sesame seed oil, avocado oil, olive fruit oil, evening primrose oil, coconut oil, shea butter, starflower seed oil, polysorbate-60 (plant derived), panthenol (vitamin b5), kosher vegetable glycerin (plant derived), leucidal liquid (plant derived preservative), collodial oatmeal, citric acid

I CAN PRONOUNCE EVERYTHING!  This is one of the few hair products I can look at the back and actually know what I'm reading.
And the coconut lime scent is amazing.  Every season I have a scent that reminds me of that particular season.  Fall is pumpkins, winter is sugar cookies, spring is fresh flowers and summer is coconut!  And this shampoo and conditioner definitely puts me in the summer mood :)
The scent is pretty and supply.  Not an overpowering perfume smell, I like that a little bit goes a long way.  And even though it is natural I still get a pretty good lather in my hair.

I have been using the Good Earth Beauty Coconut Lime Shampoo and Good Earth Beauty Coconut Lime conditioner for about a week now.  And as with all the other Good Earth Beauty hair products I've used, my hair feels soft, smooth, clean, refreshed and most of beautiful!
I love my hair and I want to keep it healthy.  I know my hair wont last forever if I continue to put harsh chemicals in it!  Good Earth Beauty offers me the chance to use natural products not only on my hair, but everywhere.
To learn more and see all the other products they offer please check out my link below: