Italian Grilled Corn Recipe

Italian Grilled Corn Recipe  

I strongly believe you can never have enough grill recipes!
This one is pretty easy and you most likely already have everything you need at home.

What you need:

Sweet Corn
Vegetable Oil
Grated Parmesan cheese
Italian seasonings
Garlic powder

Remove the outside of the corn and cut off the edges. I ran them underwater to make sure all the silk came off.

Then you want to rub veggie oil on them.  Get a good coating so they cook nicely on the grill.

Now they are ready for the grill.  I cook them about 5 minutes on all four sides. (20 minutes total) I suggest watching until you get a nice color.

Once they are done grilling you want to add more veggie oil.  They may be a bit dry if you don't.

Sprinkle your seasonings on all four sides.  
And you are done!  These are easy to make and compliment any picnic.

Printable Grilled Corn Recipe