PUTTING THE MONKEYS TO BED by Gennifer Choldenko

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

PUTTING THE MONKEYS TO BED by Gennifer Choldenko

Most parents have a least one rough night story.  You know that night where your child wanted one more glass of water, had to go potty one last time because of said glass, needed to hear 3 stories, thought something was under the bed, than after the all clear they assumed it was because it moved to their closest.
You know the same night you heard pitter patter in the hall as they came running to your room to ask you why the sky was blue.  And then when you explained it was time for bed they wanted to play a game or at the very least wanted you to sing them a bedtime song.
And of course you only fed them 3 meals and 2 snack so now they are STARVING!

Yes dear parents this night really happened more than once!  When I read the synopsis for Putting The Monkeys To Bed, I  had to smile and think about these nights.

A silly and fun bedtime story that helps young readers learn how to wind down for bedtime. 

 FALLING ASLEEP IS HARD TO DO: Sam is never ready to go to sleep at bedtime. There are always more questions to ask Mama, more books to read, not to mention the monkeys! Sam’s rambunctious trio of toy monkeys would much rather jump on the bed and make up songs about ping pong than go to sleep. Eventually Sam does want to go to sleep. But how will he ever get the monkeys to settle down? 

Choldenko based the story on her own son who had trouble falling asleep until he learned the breathing technique mentioned in the story 

PUTTING THE MONKEYS TO BED includes a calming bedtime routine that caretakers will love putting into practice with young readers. This story’s funny monkey mayhem will also give kids a last laugh of the day before they turn the lights out.

My review:
SO CUTE!  I loved how the monkeys acted the way most kids do with their jumping around and sudden burst of energy before bed.  At first little Sam thinks this is awesome, but slowly he wants to go to bed and needs to calm the monkeys down.  It was cute watching him do grown up things to get them sleepy.
Eventually they all fall asleep.  At the start before Sam wants to fall asleep he ask his mom those bewildering question that all kids seem to ask before bed.  She tells him to go to sleep and doesn't answer.  I thought at the end of the book it was adorable to see the answers (And most likely saved me from having my kiddos ask me!)

The illustrations were cute and my kids loved the monkeys facial expressions.  They were done by Jack E. Davis, my kiddos enjoyed them so much I have a feeling I will be looking for more books with his work.

The book releases today June 9, 2015 and I truly believe it should be on all kids/parents summer reading list.