This #Fathersday give dad the gift of comfort

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my won.

This #Fathersday give dad the gift of comfort

Everyone I want you to meet my dad!
This is Rodney, my dad and you may not know this, but he is the coolest dad in the world.  My dad goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy.  He often goes without to make sure the people around him have enough.  He is going to be 50 this November and still puts in 12+ hours a day at his job.  Then he comes home and works around the house, does stuff with his family, goes to all my kids games (That is him above at Brandon's baseball game holding Quinn) and still has time to run a girls Make-A-Wish softball team!  My dad gives and gives and gives, but never once asks for anything in return.  This Father's Day I'm not just celebrating a man who helped give me life, I'm celebrating one of the best persons I know.
So for me the day isn't just a 30 minutes affair.  I dedicate the entire day to my dad.
Breakfast - cheese omelets - check 
Day Trip - Fishing - Planned
Lunch - Pizza - Planned
Movie Night -   Full metal jacket - Ready
Awesome gift.....?????

Yeah if you are like me the awesome gift totally slipped your mind.
I was so worried about making plans that it wasn't until this start of this week I realized I forgot a gift :(.  The kids made my hubby a super cool gift basket, with lots of hand made items.  I'm pretty sure though a traced cut out of my hand isn't acceptable anymore.

Don't worry though, because I have the perfect gift!  One that all dads are sure to love.  I mean really what man doesn't love a little bit of comfort?
Dearfoams offer a wide selection of men's slippers.  And don't worry guys these are manly, guy approved "Nighttime" footwear.  According to my hubby it sounds better to call them that. lol.

Dearfoams makes slippers that are not only comfy for indoor wear, but also durable enough to wear outside.
The foam gives the perfect amount of cushioning to make every step a little softer.  The bottoms are solid enough that you can walk outside, for us this is a must.  Our pups like to take 2am bathroom breaks!  My dad has 6 dogs, so yeah at 2am when the all need to use the bathroom the last thing on his mind is finding his shoes.  Dearfoams are right next to his bed, so all he has to do is slip them on.

And now the offer a 2015 spring collection that has both men and women sizes!
They offer so many designs, that there is something for everyone.
The adjustable color blocked mesh slide is easy to slip on and has a nice Velcro feature so my dad can make them as tight or as lose as he needs them.

The opened back and front is nice, with the hot weather he doesn't want his foot suffocating in an enclosed slipper.
The part his foot goes on is super velvety soft.  Even though my dads feet are a lot bigger than mine I couldn't resist slipping these on.  And trust me, they are COMFY!  You can feel the foam with each step!

And don't worry about size, they have several.  From Small (7-8) to Extra Large (13-14)

And you can find Dearfoams both online and in stores.  If you are still searching for that perfect dad gift check them out!
You can never go wrong giving dad the gift of comfort: