Back-To-School in style

Disclaimer: I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Back-To-School in Style

Back-To-School shopping can be difficult.  My biggest struggle is staying to my list.  Every year I make a list of the things I really need, and I try to stick to it.
I have already completed 2/4 of my shopping, mainly because I bought all my boys sweaters, long sleeve shirts and coats (These go on sale every year during the spring and summer months.)

Now normally I do the shopping myself, but this year my oldest has his own style.  He demanded to be included in the shopping.
As I held up cute little shirts with puppies and even a few fluffy dragons he shook his head and told me NO MOM!  

So I loosened the mom reins just a bit and left him pick what he wanted.  I have to say even though I was a bit reluctant a first it was pretty cool seeing my son develop he own style.
We even did some online shopping and found this really snazzy site!
They are a trendy kids boutique that offer special selected clothing, shoes and accessories.  The offer a huge selection of the latest kids fashion, making sure each little shopper finds something they love.
Right away when using their site I loved how organized it was.  The side bar has everything broken down into categories.
We clicked on "boy" than we got another list of sub-categories such as jackets, shorts, swimwear ect you can click on where-ever you need to go.
No need to look through page after page to find what you are looking for these categories take you right to where you want to be.

Okay so we clicked on "tees and polos" my sons personal style has a lot of tees :).  I wont fib I told him we could only pick one shirt so he had to make a few choices and then we would pick from there.... In the end I had 10+ windows opened!  They have so much to choose from and it is all the latest fashion so my little man couldn't make up his mind.
In the end though we ended up with a super dashing Appaman Short Sleeve Gorilla Tee!

Even though the gorilla looks tough, the tee is super soft!
Don't let that fool you though it is durable will hold up to a rough and tumble boy and a weekly washing.
Made with 100% Cotton Contrast color stitching detail on back shoulders.

 Gorilla screen Small Appaman monkey logo tag on bottom left hem!  

Okay how adorable is this!  According to my son though I can't call it adorable I can call it manly lol.
I was impressed with the softness and the fact I could tell right away the material was strong.  We live in the country so playing in the mud and woods is an everyday thing.  You literally cant walk out my house with out coming face to face with the forest.
My boys can be tough on clothing so I need clothing that is tough right back!

The Gorilla shirt is only one of the many shirts offered at KidzBoom and shirts are only one of the many items offered on their site.
They are a great place to shop and take care of all your back to school needs!

Thank to his new tee my son will be going back to school in style this year!
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