Disclaimer:  I was provide a huge discount code as compensation for this post.  I still purchased my own stuff, just at a fraction of the cost.  All opinions are my own.

If you read even 1/3 of my blog you would know I love SAVINGS!  I like to save when I grocery shop, clothing shop, home decor, going out to dinner and well just about everything else.  Heck I wont even plan a vacation without trying to find a way to save.
Which is why I love shopping online it is easy to find sales, plus I can even compare prices easier.
I just recently rediscovered 
 They have update their site and now offer several other items!
Now they offer apparel, bags, hats, shoes, bras, panties and so much more.  All at that same amazing price that Bagblaze has always offered.

If that wasn't good enough they have everything in their own warehouse.  Meaning that they ship directly to you and you don't have to deal with waiting for a 3rd party to ship your items.  Since they have all the items in their own warehouse they can offer you great customer service.

Okay so I can go on and on about their prices and great customer service.  It will all mean nothing if the products aren't good quality.  So here is my proof in 2012 I did a bag review with them The Simply Me Blog 2012 Bag Review now even though they no longer carry that bag..... I still do!!!  How many women can claim that still have the same bag after almost 3 years??  I know for a fact it is a record for me :).
For those of you saying, 'yeah right she doesn't still carry that bag.'  A few days ago I did a Kelloggs cereal review.  I want to show you a photo that I wasn't able to use because the flash was to bright
Now ignore the cereal and look in the back, hanging off my coat rack is that purse!!
The same purse from 2012!
So Bagblaze not only offers great deals and incredible customer service, they also offer stunning products that will last a long time!
Heck I had the purse for 3 years, and I honestly believe I can get another 3 out of it for sure!
To learn more please see my link below: