Enlightened Ambience: A calming effect

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Enlightened Ambience: A calming effect

I can't sleep.  No I don't mean right now, I mean in general, I am one of those people who crawl into bed and toss and turn for hours.  I can lay down at 11Pm and by 3am I feel like crying.  It isn't that I'm not tired, I just can't fall asleep.  My mind is going wild with a million thoughts, I make a mental to-do list that is 3 pages long.  And to really top it off my brother has me terrified of the Russian Sleep experiment.... Don't google it folks I promise you will never look at sleep the same way again!

Now I will take medicine if I have somewhere to be the next day.  I absolutely hate doing this though, I feel like a zombie and it makes me a bit sick in the stomach.
Not to mention I have creepy dreams.

So I truly limit this option as much as possible.
Instead I made a at home routine that in all honesty seems to work.
1)  Nice relaxing bath/shower.  I noticed that taking a warm bath helps to loosen my muscles which in turn makes me relax a bit.
2) Keep my room cool.  I have sinus issues so I have a fan going in my room year round.  Keeping the air moving and my room cool do really aide in helping me to fall asleep.  So keep your room at a comfortable level.
3) No lights!  I am so weird I even turn my alarm clock the opposite way so the red light doesn't annoy me.
4) No pets in my room, no food on my bed, no itchy clothing.  This all has to do with comfort.  I don't know about you but laying on top of crumbs is enough to drive me nuts.
5) I stop eating and drinking caffeine/sugar and greasy food at about 8.  Caffeine and sugar make me hyper so they have to get cut off at this time.  Greasy food gives me heartburn and it is always worse way laying down.

Last but not least is scent.  It is a well known fact that Lavender is a calming scent that is often associated with helping to relax.  When I get back massages I always request Lavender in my lotion.
So before bed, normally when I am taking my shower, I light a few lavender candles to help get that calming scent into my room.

Recently I discover Enlightened Ambience.  Their candles are never"perfumey", but leave a fresh, crisp, natural scent.   I received the lavender for review, but the offer so many other scents that everyone is sure to find a favorite.
I want to mention the scent is strong(Not overpowering though)!  I love that even the next morning my room still smells like Lavender long after I blow out the candle.  It is kinda like being in a garden :)
They burn for 14-16 hours, making them long lasting and perfect not only for a night time calming routine, but also for events and everyday use.
Oh and they are great for multiply room use.  Even though I used them in my bedroom I could smell them in several of my back rooms :)

They are hand made in the USA.  And about 2 inches tall.
The are the perfect calming effect candle!

If you wish to learn more please see my link below: