Peppa Pig helps kiddos get ready for Back to School

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Peppa Pig helps kiddos get ready for Back to School

Peppa Pig has to be the sweetest little piggy ever!  I think she is absolutely adorable and I love that her show promotes family and good values.

Now for those of you thinking well this is a girl show right?  The answer is no my 4 year old son LOVES miss Peppa!  In a few short weeks we start school again Quinn will do his 2nd year of preschool and Brandon is going to 2nd grade.  Brandon is mad and wants to stay home, but Quinn is nervous!  There will be new kiddos in his class and they may not like him.  I want to reach out and give him a hug and tell him that he will make lots of friends.

I do know though that at any age going somewhere new can be scary.  So as much as I want to help my little guy I know no matter what I do he will still be a bit nervous.
I was happy to get the Peppa Pig School Bus Trip dvd.  It made him feel a lot better and He thinks it is great that Peppa even has to go to school :)

Lovable little Peppa Pig is getting ready to go back to school – and so can your family and readers nationwide! – with the DVD release of Peppa Pig: School Bus Trip – available August 4 from Entertainment One!

The colorful new title will be releasing as a special DVD + Scholastic Mini Book Gift Set.
It will also be available for Digital Download. 

In the Peppa Pig: School Bus Trip DVD, Peppa and her school friends take a trip to the mountains, where she and her classmates have fun hearing echoes, having a picnic, and singing their favorite tune on the bus ride home – the “Bing Bong Song.” Back at school, Peppa attends gym class, acts in the school play, participates in sports day, and much more! Young viewers will love these hilarious adventures filled with lots of snorts, laughter, sunshine, and of course, jumping in muddy puddles! 
The “peppasodes” include:
    “School Bus Trip”
     “The School Camp”
   “Gym Class”
 “School Play”
  “Mister Skinnylegs”
     “Jamble Sale”
     “The Quarrel”
   “Madame Gazelle’s Leaving Party”
   “The Library”

Airing on Nick Jr., Peppa Pig follows the adventures of Peppa, a loveable, exuberant little piggy who lives with her brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig.  PeppaPig episodes are available on DVD, and for download on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.

We love Peppa Pig in my home she is sweet and also makes my kiddos smile.  If you have a little one getting ready to go back to school Peppa Pig School Bus Trip is perfect to put that at ease and make them even excited to start a new year!

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