Wiggles 3D: Family Game Night

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own

Wiggles 3D: Family Game Night 

One thing you can count on is once a week, every week the Miller house hold hosts a family game night!  Now sometimes it is just the 4 of us.  Other nights we can have up to twenty people here!
But we have quite the game collection and no matter what age you are we have a game for you.  The kids love it as does the rest of the family.

It is rare that my hubby and I don't walk down the game isle at the store.  We are always looking for a new fun game to share with everyone.

So last week when I told my hubby to skip the game isle he gave me a weird look.  I just smiled.... Little did he know that we had a package coming from Wiggles 3D!  
Wiggles 3D offer Board games, apps, and daily email accessible puzzles and printables for kids of all ages. Many of the games go from board to app and printable all in one, or can be used independently. Board games include: Bellz, LexigoRUSH, Eye Know, and AvA Challenger. Apps include: Venn, Quote Slide, Eye Know, and LexigoRUSH. Web includes various “Don’t Quote Me” mobile games and printables.

Okay I could list every game offered by Wiggles 3D, but it would take up an entire post :).  So I want to focus of the super fun family friendly games I was personally able to review.

This game is both fun inside and out!  First you get a super cute stuffed animal!  Either Monkey's Wild or Frantic Frog.
We were able to review Frantic Frog.  Kids have a blast trying to grab the frog in time.  What you do is match the cards, the little frog gets "anxious" when there is a match so all the kiddos have to try and grab him.  The first one to grab him wins.  You can then put him back and start over again.  Seeing who gets his the most.  The game is for kiddos 3+ and takes about 10 minutes at most.
And guess what parents the larger frog holds the entire games!  You don't have to worry about losing the pieces.
My kiddos had a blast and even the hubby and I kinda competed to see who could grab the little frog first.
It was fun for everyone.

Next up was:

Fingers tips is 3 card games in one.  It comes in both animal and people versions.  This game again is a matching game.  We reviewed the animal game.  It has 40 cards (Shaped as hands) and their is 15 fun animals characters.  Each hand has five different characters and you have to find the match for your card.  It is for 3+ and can have 1-5 players.  I love that it can be played by 1 player.  Some days I need to get stuff done around the house and Brandon Jr is at some activity and Quinn is left to his own devices.  It is nice to know that my little man can entertain himself with this game.  Oh and another huge plus parents is it can be played in the car!!  Whoot I am all for a nice peaceful car trip :)

Get ready parents I am about to say two words that gets all kids excited... Pirates Vs Ninjas!  Yup you read right there is really a game out there that takes two of my boys favorite things and has them battling.  LOL so this is a two player dice game you test your skill in a fast dice battle.  You need both lucky and strategy on your side to win this game.
So you roll the dice all 9 of them.  You look and sort your dice by rank.  Whom ever has the most rank 1 goes first.  You have to decided if you are going to attack or rally.  If you lose a piece during an attack you place it off to the side.  This continues until one player loses all their dice.
It is for 8+  and my hubby and I actually enjoy the game a lot too! It in a way reminds me of a dice Risk game.
The Pirate and Ninjas are just one of the choices you can also purchase:
Army vs. Aliens
Robots Vs. Dinosaurs
Zombies vs. Wrestlers

Okay so I know you think my family is all games out now... WRONG!  I did mention we are kinda game fanatics right?

Next up was 

This is a 2+ player game and for players 8+
You have 60 seconds to find as many words as you can using the titles in the grid.  But you have to use words no one else has.  Every round score doubles are added to the grid.  So my oldest is about to enter 2nd grade...  This was my sneaky way of helping him learn and play a game at the same time.  He had no clue that he was practicing spelling :)
It is so much fun though, you race the clock and try to find as many words as possible.  It gets even more interesting when the doublers are added.  You really try to make words using those letters so you can get double the points and really rank up your score.
This is something the whole family can play and you can have as many players as you wish!

So this game comes in a travel pouch!  So yes readers another travel friendly game (You can never have enough of these when you have rowdy kids in the car.)  What you do is take you magnetic wand and pick up as many bells in your color as possible.  You can form a cluster or a long string of bells.  If you get a different color your turn is over.  You decided how long your turn last.  The first player to get 10 bells wins/

I normally don't play favorites, but okay this one was kinda my favorite!
This game is for 12+, so even though my kiddos couldn't play it was still my favorite.  The games comes with 900 questions, 300 image cards and a game board.  You choose an image card once you identify that image you have a chance to claim the card by answering one of the three question on the back.  The images are all well know people, animals, monuments, inventions, symbols, maps and so much more.  It was fun testing our knowledge and I liked that you got to choose what you know :)

These games I reviewed are only a few offered by Wiggles 3D!  Everything on their site is family friendly.  Why not make your next famliy game night a blast and try one of the many awesome games they offer 
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